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20 Jun

How to Overcome Fear: Simple Tip Video

Does fear stall you? Do you find yourself worrying — fearing — what will happen if you try to live a purposeful, dream life? Are you wishing that you...

18 May

Are You Spiritually Connected to Your Goals

Have you been setting goals and going for dreams, but they aren’t materializing? If you aren’t connecting spiritually to your goals and dreams, that could be the reason you aren’t...

01 Mar

Success Strategies: What Is Holding You Back in Life?

Did you know that 80% of success in any endeavor is in the mind? Twenty percent is in the action or activity that will get you there, but 80%...

07 Feb

Could These Emotional Addictions Be Messing Up Your Life?

Have you ever wondered why the same problems keep coming up for you in your life? Did you know it could be that you are addicted to the emotions...

09 Dec

Giving Your Way To Success: Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Do you want to be more successful while helping others? In this self-help video “Give Your Way To Success,” Dr. Duckett discusses how successful people in business, music, athletics...

05 Dec

Healing Your Past

See below Dr. Duckett’s video to read a synopsis of the 3 steps to healing your past and to read an excerpt of his book “Creating a Life of...

18 Oct

How to Create An Effortless Life

Who doesn’t want an effortless life. Have you ever asked yourself any of these quesions: Why am I here? What is the plan for my life? Does God have...

29 Aug

Create Your Amazing Life

Do you want an amazing life? Good or bad, thoughts create reality. If you want to see what your thoughts are creating, look around. Whatever is in your life...

10 Apr

Why Is It Taking You So Long To Get What You Want?

There is only one reason why a person doesn’t have what he or she wants. This one reason is a little unusual for most people to grasp, but it is the only reason...

10 Apr

Expanding Your Beliefs about Success – Enough of Having Less

The major part of being alive is the desire to have more. Human being’s have a natural propensity to always raise the bar in life. When you generate more money, you...


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