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29 Mar


It’s time to set yourself free and lead as many people as possible on the path to freedom with you. That’s what it means to be a Life Coach...

29 Mar

Taking the “Power Seat” in Your Life

What do you want in your life, more love, time, money, health, etc.? Maybe you’re not sure what you want. Well, the easiest way to find out what you...

29 Mar

Reprogram Your Thoughts to Create Your Ideal Life

What causes things to materialize in our lives? Actually there are two causes of things to materialize in our lives. A Primary, and a Secondary Cause. The Primary Cause...


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29 Mar

Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

You may not be able to choose the thoughts that pop into your head, but you do decide what thoughts you dwell upon. According to the National Science Foundation,...

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