29 Aug

Create Your Amazing Life

Do you want an amazing life? Good or bad, thoughts create reality. If you want to see what your thoughts are creating, look around. Whatever is in your life at this point in time, your thoughts created that.

We have the ability to create whatever we want. People limit themselves. They limit themselves by not properly utilizing the tool that is made available to them — the mind. Most people want to go one direction in their lives, but their thoughts are going in the opposite direction.

Your daily thoughts and/or your daily questions produce your reality. If you are thinking continuously about lack, you produce more lack. If you think about being lonely, you produce more loneliness. If you think about being broke, you produce more brokeness.

What are you attracting in your life right now? Anything is possible. It’s your thoughts that create your life. Change your thinking and your whole reality changes. What you want to do is positively watching your thoughts so you are creating on a consistent, on a regular, moment-to-moment basis exactly what you want in life and stop creating what you don’t want.

Adjust your thoughts so they are in line with your desires. When you do, and you keep going toward what you want, and do it now (not waiting til tomorrow or next year) you create your miraculous life. You create your dream life. You create the life that you deserve.


80-20  Rule

Do you know that when we’re talking about success in any endeavor, 80% of it is in the mind? Twenty percent is in the action or the activity that will get you there. 80% is all based on your thoughts.

If you don’t have the right mental programming, you’re always going to feel a strain in life. You’re always going to feel like you have to drudge through things to get to where you want to go, and most of the time not getting there as well.


What Are Your Mental Codes?

the mental codesIf you see there’s a common question that comes up whenever you’re faced with stress, that’s a mental code you’re working with.  You can change those mental codes.

Trying to solve new problems with old solutions that you’ve used on other things in the past (which didn’t even work then), will not work now.

To succeed in life, you really have to first, look at what level of mental code you’re working with.  You have to adjust those mental codes to be in line with the level of success you want. When your mind is aligned properly with your desires, everything goes rather smoothly.

The mind is just a servant, a tool. It is a servant to you to produce whatever reality you choose. If you don’t have everything in life that you want (more love, more money, more security, more of what you desire) then you have to change your mental codes. Otherwise you’ll just get more of what you already have.

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Featured Image: PixelsAway/Bigstockphoto.com

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