Are You Confronting or Avoiding?

Are you avoiding or confronting?

Whether you’re confronting or avoiding in life could be the reason you’re succeeding or not. When something feels off in your life, do you push down your feelings and keep on going, assuming it will go away in time? Or do you put up with things that make you uncomfortable, annoyed or even miserable because you assume it’s just got to be that way?

When something isn’t right in a relationship, in your home, with your finances, with your family, do you confront or avoid?

In his book, “Existing in a State of Power,” Dr. Michael J. Duckett states:

“The only difference between you and the person who has accomplished what you desire is the successful person confronted all aspects of life. Confronting empowers people to become more in every area of life..

“As we face problems head on our intelligence increases to deal with the challenges at hand.” – Dr. Michael J. Duckett

“You don’t achieve or create anything. Instead, you become the type of person who would possess exactly what you want. When you become the person who can handle your desired outcome, it becomes yours.” – Dr. Michael J. Duckett

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