Do you wish you could take a class that would really, truly change your life? Are you looking to become a life coach? Coaching is one of the most exciting, lucrative industries to be in right now … and for years to come.

The average salary of a Life Coach is an estimated range of $50K – $75K. Top 10% of coaches earning $100K and above. Working full or part-time, you’ll be making a difference in people’s lives while making a great hourly rate.

Subsequently, meaning that people are definitely looking for and paying for alternative ways to feel better. Therefore, with the right education, you can provide that service.

Dr. Duckett’s Immersion Technique

By utilizing Dr. Duckett’s Immersion Technique and using the internationally recognized certification program built on the $8 Million+ Business Blueprint, you can become certified in 1 day! Above all, the best part about our program is getting it all for a fraction of the standard cost to be certified as a professional life coach.

Dr. Duckett’s Immersion Technique (Accelerated Learning System) will train, certify, and put you in the business of Life Coaching. You’ll become one of the elite Life Coaches trained in state-of-art scientifically proven Life Coach techniques. These techniques are only available through our organization, International Coaching Sciences Research Foundation.

Additionally, We’ve distilled the key elements that you need to know to be a successful and effective Life Coach and put it all online for you. These elements mean you can get through the material fast.

Once you have completed your course, you’ll be able to help clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, etc. You’ll also be able to coach people through life transitions, help them discover their life purpose, and find meaning and fulfillment in life.

Most importantly, you will coach them to create a life they will love.

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