Breaking the Money Barriers

breaking the money barriers

When I was a little boy, I allowed my thoughts to carry me away from the extreme poverty in which I lived to a place where I knew things would be better. My seven sisters and I were orphaned and left on the streets of Detroit. We were determined to stay together at any cost! The price we paid was extreme poverty for many years. We were constantly on the run, living wherever we could find a place to sleep. Although the times were hard, we made it.

I went into business for myself selling candy at the age of eight, and we soon had enough money to buy a house. It was in an inner-city neighborhood, but it was home. I worked hard and had little time to play. It was during those lean times that I made up my mind to do something great with my life. I decided someday to become wealthy and help others do the same. In my early years, I always had a job and several businesses. Even at lunchtime during school I would sneak away and cut a customer’s lawn or sweep out a basement. I learned how to make a dollar at a very young age, but I didn’t learn how to manage it for many years. I would become wealthy and then lose it all.

This pattern continued until I met a man named Leo Schrot, a retired real estate attorney who had made millions in property. Leo took me under his wing and taught me the essence of money. I learned everything Mr. Schrot could teach me, and then I found it was time to learn more on my own. At age sixteen, after reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I decided to interview fifteen hundred self-made millionaires. I essentially posed the same questions to each of the millionaires and began to find some similarities. I continued this interview process for many years and later formulated and correlated my findings. My findings were profound!

From the interviews I created a technology to create wealth and increase personal happiness. I started using this process in my own life and soon became very wealthy. I realized that if I could become wealthy with this system, I could teach others to do the same. As I shared this treasured information with friends and associates, I discovered something interesting. Each time someone used the information from my system, that individual’s life would change dramatically for the better! They also became wealthy in a very short period of time.

After owning more than two hundred businesses, I retired in my thirties. Then one morning I woke up excited, remembering a dream about a greater purpose for my life. I had envisioned creating fifty thousand millionaires with my technology, yet I had no idea how this would become a reality. I found that as I started teaching others about money and how to change their belief systems and become empowered, they soon became wealthy.

When I wrote “Breaking The Money Barriers,” we were past fifty thousand millionaires and still growing.

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