Expanding Your Beliefs about Success – Enough of Having Less

The major part of being alive is the desire to have more. Human being’s have a natural propensity to always raise the bar in life. When you generate more money, you want more. When you discover a true love, you want more. When you experience health, you want more. When you get more, you want more. There is nothing wrong with desiring more. It isn’t a matter of greed but a natural need for every person.

When we acquire more of anything, we are expanding into more of a person. When we expand into a bigger person, we’re expanding our expression of life. All life is designed to expand to its fullest potential. It just so happens, a human being’s fullest potential is having more than what currently exists.

During this lifetime, you’ll reach many levels of success in a number of areas. Each success brings with it a feeling of accomplishment along with the desire for more.

Many people feel guilty to recognize or declare their desires for bigger and better things. Somehow, these good hearted individuals may even believe it is unhealthy or unholy to want more than what they have. In reality, there are many passages in holy books that support the rewards of living a good life is a life of plenty. The state of “lack” is actually the unholy existence because it is going against the natural laws of life—expansion.

Throughout time, there have been specific tools given to humankind that would improve life and change living conditions forever. Just as there were significant needs for the discovery of fire, metals, language, industry, and technology, so are my discoveries needed by people to bring forth prosperity in a fraction of time.

With my recent discoveries of the Mental Codes, BioNeuro Technique, and the Emotional/Spiritual Prototypes, history is being created in many people’s lives. We are receiving a flood of emails, letters, faxes, and telephone calls from people rendering testimonials on the positive changes resulting from these three things.

What is all the commotion?

I’ve discovered a way to actually create whatever you want by tapping into the powers of the mind.

Although it’s easy to have an attraction toward money, the trick is to get money to have an attraction to you. I’m not talking about magic it goes way beyond any of that. I am talking about working with your Mental Codes, and reprogramming the unwanted thought processes that are getting in the way of a better life.

What do you really think and feel about your current financial situation? Do you realize what you think is exactly what you believe? What you believe is exactly what you get.

As a matter of fact it’s impossible to create anything more than what you’re currently thinking and feeling. So, what can you do?

Start your process of changing to greater happiness and more prosperity by observing your predominate thoughts throughout the day. Are they negative, self degrading, putting others down, or depressed? Guess what? If they are any of these things, it’s impossible to do any better than what you’re currently doing without help. That’s where the Mental Code’s Technology comes into play.

Even a slight difference in your thoughts and feelings can produce substantial results.

Kathy had developed the habit of always expecting the worse and in turn that is what she produced in life. From failed relationships and business ventures to a feeling of being out-of-control, Kathy felt as if she was cursed. Anything that could go wrong with her life did and good things rarely seemed to come her way.

After working with Kathy for a brief period, we discovered her Mental Codes were programmed for disaster. Since disaster was her reality and mentality, that is all she could expect. Even, when things when right, Kathy would somehow expect something bad to follow and so it did just that.

Helping Kathy to apply the BioNeuro Technique of the Mental Codes Technology, Kathy was able to reprogram her predominant thoughts to be more positive. Don’t get me wrong, she didn’t eliminate all of her negative thinking, just some of it. Remember, a small improvement will give you big results. Kathy’s finances, relationship, and health have all improved significantly from just a slight adjustment in her Mental Codes.

Here is a great little exercise to change your thoughts for a favorable outcome:

  1. Identify any negative thoughts you may experience today.
  2. Now, tell yourself to feel just a little more positive about the negative situation. You don’t have to feel a bunch better—just a little.
  3. After you feel a little better, you can then ask what you can do to feel a little better and a little better after that.
  4. Soon you’ll feel much better than you started and more important—your life will be looking much better.

If you wait until another day to apply the things I share with you, chances are that time will never come. Instead, why don’t you try to Do It Now! As you move into a new life in this moment, you have that much more life to live.

It isn’t that we don’t learn things to help us live a better life, the problem arises when we learn new solutions, try them but don’t Keep Going with the process. If you start and stop using the things that work, your progress is reflective of your confusion.

Learn these things well. Use them to improve your life and share them with others to do the same.

Please let me know how I can help to make your life better. Until next time, I am

In loving service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett