21 Oct

Freedom Requires Growth and Risk

Do you have big dreams or ambitions? Do you want to experience the exhilarating freedom of pursuing a life you love and that brings fulfillment and happiness? There’s no way around it, in order to be truly free and happy, you have to grow. And growth requires taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zone and, yes, facing difficult challenges.

Freedom Requires Taking Risks

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To live a life of freedom is risky. Freedom always requires a person to go beyond their perceived “secure world.” But, the good news is letting go of the limitations of perceived security in exchange for real freedom is worth the growing pains.

From the beginning of time to modern days, only people who went for freedom in life ever amounted to much. You’ve never heard of any great success resulting from a person who insisted on security.

Freedom Requires Courage

The door to freedom is a funny thing because it’s available to anyone who is willing to open and walk through it. It may take some courage, but you will be amazed at what opportunities are opened to the person who is choosing freedom.

What results are you looking for in your life? Are you ready to let go of the need for perceived security and go out to create your ultimate freedom? If yes, this is the moment it can all happen for you, but be cautious not to jump into your dreams half-heartedly.

There is no true freedom without taking personal responsibility and proactive action.

This is an excerpt from Creating a Life of Freedom by Dr. Michael J. Duckett. It’s available on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback. Get your copy today and start creating your life of freedom!

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