Giving Your Way To Success: Dr. Michael J. Duckett


Do you want to be more successful while helping others? In this self-help video “Give Your Way To Success,” Dr. Duckett discusses how successful people in business, music, athletics and other walks of life first GIVE before they succeed. Read the description after Dr. Duckett’s video to discover how you can learn more through his book “Existing in a State of Power”.

Dr. Michael J. Duckett:

Do you want to be a success? Look at successful people. Whether they are athletes, musicians, successful business people, or are in any way successful in their lives, they all do this one thing:
They all GIVE. Then they GET.

Being a success is that simple. In your life, go the extra mile to give, and it will come back to you.
Starting today, be more concerned with helping others create a better life. Your life will automatically improve.

Why does this happen? It’s very simple: When you give 100% to everyone, you create an energy above you. That energy declares to people:

“I am a big person!”
“I am a success!”
“I matter, and so do you!”

If you start today to give 100% to everyone, you will start immediately to be more successful, to see more success in your personal and professional life.

“If you look at any great person or business, the business first concentrated on giving something to others and then money followed. This isn’t a philosophy of life, it’s a process for success.”  Dr. Michael J. Duckett, “Existing in a State of Power

Learn About Success In Dr. Duckett’s book Existing in a State of Power

Read how to “Give to Get Success” in Dr. Duckett’s book “Existing in a State of Power“. (You can read an excerpt here).


Who is Dr. Michael J. Duckett?

Dr. Michael J. Duckett changes people’s lives. A social scientist, author, and modern day Renaissance man, Dr. Muckett discovered that Mental Codes determine a person’s well being and level of success. To upgrade life, a person must discover their Mental Codes and re-pattern them to match their objectives. Dr. Duckett’s entertaining self-help books, seminars and presentations have changed thousands of people’s lives for the better. Learn more at his website:

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