Your Body’s Good Posture Can Attract Good Things

good posture

Having good posture improves your attitude and attracts good things into your life! Research shows that people who slouch in their posture are seen by other people as weak and not intelligent. Similarly, those who stand with a military, stiff posture are seen as rigid, stiff and unbending.

This video describes what good posture is. It also explains how your posture changes not only your body, but also your mind. In addition, walking with and having good posture changes the environment around you. Having good posture changes how people perceive you and how they react toward you.

Why? Because whatever your posture is, will determine what you think and how you act, as well as how others see you.

So how do you get good posture? Imagine a string running down into the center of your head, down to your spine. Now, imagine that someone is pulling you up, using that string. As you rise up, feel your body move into a position of good posture. Even more, notice how you feel, how having excellent posture makes you feel confident, powerful, uplifted, strong, as though you can do anything.

Because you can! Next, imagine that posture as the type of posture you would have if you were applying for a job you really want, or trying to attract your significant other, or trying to get something into your life, something good that you really desire. As you have improve your posture, you will begin to notice that people will treat you with respect and friendliness. You will begin to attract good things into your life, whether it’s a job, financial success, or successful relationships.

Try it! Develop good posture by standing up straight, as though you were being pulled up by a string through your head. You will see an increase in your body’s and your mind’s power.  To learn more about the power the body has to influence the mind, visit

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