How to Exist in a State of Power

exist in a state of power

Are you ready to exist in a state of power? Many years ago, I was sitting on a rock reflecting on life. At that very moment, I asked myself, “What would happen if I just jumped all the way into life? What would happen if I didn’t hold back at all? What if I decided not to be afraid of anything and face every single thing head-on? What would happen if I didn’t act like I was overwhelmed, tired, or stressed? What if I took care of everything that comes before me swiftly and with confidence?”

If you did these things, you would be Existing in a State of Power. You would become the total you. Tapping into that place within you that is the pinnacle of who you are as a human being. You would start to do things you never knew possible. Good fortune would begin flowing to you from unseen sources. Above all else, you would discover what God intended life to be—powerful!

Existing in a State of Power is the first of three in my trilogy series: Existing in a State of Power, Creating a Life of Freedom, and The Mental Codes. The information in this series is what every person has a “right” to know. What every parent would want their college bound student to know. It is the information that will definitely set you free!

Watch this short video below to let these powerful questions sink into your mind. Really ponder them and let today be the first day of your own powerful life.

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