How to Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear

Have you ever wondered how to overcome fear? It’s really the only thing that’s holding us back from incredible success in every area of life. Here’s how to overcome your biggest fears.

Is Fear Your Ally or Foe?

Fear can be a powerful ally or a terrible foe. How do you interact with fear? Are you the master or slave? When we’re dealing with fear, we are always either controlling fear and its effects or being controlled by the anxiety and ramifications of the fear itself. If you’re like most people, you make futile attempts to gain control over your fears, but usually you’d rather avoid them like the plague.

When you don’t confront fear, it grows to outrageous proportions and with it so grows the side effects. As fear grows, our ability to get a grip on reality decreases. To gain control over your fear, you don’t need to become a bigger person, just one who is willing to confront life, regardless of what you fear.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. After all, most of your fears have been with you for all of your life, all of your parents’ lives, and their parents’ lives and so on. Remember, besides the fear of loud noises, you’ve learned all of your fears from master teachers. Those master teachers were your family members and friends.

I’m not going to tell you not to be afraid or just face your fears and do it anyway. That would be ridiculous and not be an effective way to address the restricting power of fear. Although that approach may work sometimes for some people, instead I’m going to teach you intelligent fearlessness. Intelligent fearlessness is learning how to deal with fear from a conditioning perspective rather than denial. Denying fear can actually increase the negative side effects of fear. If you don’t identify what you’re afraid of and recognize how it’s getting in the way of a better life for yourself, you’re not intelligently dealing with fear.

Also, I don’t think doing fearless feats of activities is the complete answer. You can do fire walks or jump out of airplanes, swing from rope courses and still find yourself plagued with the peril of a fearful life. The problem with performing fearless feats is that for most people, it only gives them a temporary boost of self-confidence, but not a permanent system for dealing with their true inner fears.

To handle the deep fears – the fears that are holding you back – you have to brace yourself to be scared because you’ll start by opening your own private Pandora’s box and let your own personal demons or fears come out into the open. In the process of learning to handle your fears, you’ll need to become aquainted with yourself and your limits that are all based on fears.

You see, the level of success in your life is directly related and limited by your greatest fear. In other words, you can’t get any bigger than what your biggest fear will allow. In fact, a person’s love, job, business, health and even spirituality are all limited by the level of their greatest fear in each of those areas. Even if you don’t totally eliminate your fear, but learn to control it so it doesn’t control you, your life will dramatically improve.

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Courage is not the absense of fear. It’s the handling of fear. When a person is courageous, she is able to go toward the things that she wants without allowing fear to stop her along the way. She may still be scared, but her courage will give her strength. The good news is that courage CAN be learned.

How do you learn courage?

Start by getting my Overcoming Fear Home Study Course. In it, you’ll learn how to restrain and constrain fearful thoughts. Then, decide what you want to do in life and do it regardless of the fearful thoughts that come into your mind. The more you practice a life of courage, the more courage you’ll possess.