How to Prevent Postponing Your Own Happiness

I must have heard a thousand people tell me multiple times, “I’ll be happy
as soon as….” These good-hearted individuals think happiness is
something that will come to them in the future when a condition changes.
Consequently this type of thinking is a false reality.

Since the beginning of time, Happiness has been studied. There are
different types of happiness and different levels of happiness. One
thing is for sure, happiness feels good, and it is something all of us seek

The desire for more happiness is motivation in everything you do.

You’re dressed today in clothes that made you feel happier than your other
clothes in your closet. You’re going to do things today that feel happier to
you than other things you could do.

Happiness gives us a sense of being fully engaged with the blessings in
life. When we’re happy, we feel life is worthwhile. Therefore if happiness is so
important to us, we should all become experts on the subject.

Material things and life accomplishments give us moments of happiness,
but the actual emotion we seek comes from one thing—giving and serving

When we are giving to others, our brains hyper secrete the feel-good
neurotransmitters in abundance. This means we are designed to help other
people. It is actually from our early reptilian mind based on survival. Subsequently, all of
our survival is based upon us working together with other people in society.

How to create your own happiness

Here’s a fun experiment, the next time you’re feeling “down,” get in touch
with someone you can help. Maybe help the individual with work, an
errand, or lift the person’s spirits. Because when we support another person who is
feeling down, we automatically begin feeling better ourselves.

Unfortunately, like many good things in life, all happiness is temporary and
must be worked at regularly to maintain and increase the emotion in you.
The more you work at happiness, the easier it becomes, and the better you
get at experiencing happiness regularly.