How to Retrain Your Brain to Increase Your Wealth

Increasing Wealth Self-Guided Meditation Program

Regardless of what’s happening with the economy, there are always some people who manage to float to the top. Some of the greatest wealth is amassed during down economies.

Why? You might think it was obtained unethically. And it’s true, some people are not ethical. But a lot of good, honest and ethical people thrive even when those around them are struggling.

Much of the difference has to do with mindset, beliefs and what you are resonating with. We attract what we are, what we believe and what we focus on. All of that is stored deep in our subconscious mind. It’s been programmed over a lifetime to believe what you believe. Some of that programming works for you and some of it does not.

There are various ways to correct faulty programming in the subconscious mind and align yourself with prosperous thoughts and beliefs. For example, you can spend time repeating affirmations or using visualizations. One of the simplest methods to get new successful messaging down into your subconscious mind is hypnosis.

In Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s, “Increasing Wealth” Self-Guided Hypnosis Program, you can unlock the power of your subconscious mind to go to work for you in creating wealth. This is no ordinary 20-minute hypnosis program. It is recorded on three tracks:

1. Regular Hypnotic Voice of Dr. Michael J. Duckett guiding you through the lesson.

2. Subliminal Recording at a low frequency so your subconscious mind picks up the message but you don’t consciously hear anything. Subliminal recordings are so powerful it is against the law for companies to use this technology in their advertisements.

3. Alpha Sounds which are specific sounds in nature and music that open the mind’s receptivity of the message being delivered.

Each track by itself would give you amazing results. When all three tracks are combined during the self-guided, hypnosis session, you will receive exactly what you’re looking for “powerful life changes” quickly.

Get your copy of the “Increasing Wealth” self-guided hypnosis program today.