05 Oct

How to Materialize What You Want in Life

What causes things to materialize in life? There are two causes – a primary and a secondary. The primary cause of all things is infinite intelligence or God. Yes, God is infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful, and infinite love. That primary cause created everything…from nothing. God plus nothing is God. So everything is made of God. Primary cause does not depend upon human logic or human resources.

Remember, Primary Cause is Infinite Thought… Infinite Thought means it’s in everything – including you. God actually comes through you.

Secondary Cause is based upon the conditions of life – for example your illness, loneliness, misery or broke-ness. Any of these are conditions created by secondary cause. Secondary cause only functions by logic. Secondary cause says, “I’d like to have my financial problems resolved, but that’s impossible because I can’t think of anything that I can do logically to correct that.” Or “I’d like to have better finances but I’m broke right now.” People start concentrating on the secondary cause.

When you concentrate on secondary cause you keep creating the same problems over and over again. But when you harness the power of Primary Cause, miracles happen.

Find out more about how to manifest things in your life by focusing on Primary Cause in this video from Dr. Michael J. Duckett, author of The Mental Codes, Creating a Life of Freedom, Existing in a State of Power, and Breaking the Money Barriers.

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