Mind Power: Use Your Brain To Create Your Best Reality

mind power

We can use our mind power, our brain, to create the reality we want, the reality we dream of, our best life, our best reality.

This brief video takes short clips from Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s presentations on unleashing mind power, the power of the brain, to create our own reality, the type of dream life we want to have.

In this video, Dr. Duckett discusses how your brain is “a servant, a tool to produce the reality you choose.” He says that so many people spend their days thinking about being broke, or being tired, or being lonely, or some negative emotion, and, guess what?!? That’s what they become.

In the same way, Dr. Duckett says people can stop that negative thinking, and think about positive things they want in their lives, and voila!, they become successful, happy, blessed in love, with success, financially and with good health, and with every other good, positive thing they want, need or dream of.

Dr. Duckett also points out that using your brain, increasing your mind power leads to success. “Success in life,” Dr. Duckett says, “comes 20% from doing.” 80% of the reason for success in life comes from mind power, from thinking about success.  He suggests changing our thinking, adjusting our brain, using it as a tool to think about the desires we have, to create the life we want. Dr. Duckett says that, as we do so, the reality is, we will get what we think about. We will stop being stuck with old patterns, and discover a new, positive, energetic, joyful life.

A common theme in this concept is to “Do it NOW! Don’t think about it and then wait until tomorrow or next week. Do it NOW!” By doing that, by changing our thought patterns, by using our mind power for success, we begin NOW, immediately, to create the life we want, with the reality and benefits we dream of.

To find out more about Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s revolutionary books, programs and seminars, go to https://upgradinglife.com. If you found this blog and video helpful, you can dive deeper into this subject with his book, “The Mental Codes.”

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