Only the Strong Survive

There’s an old saying that goes, “Only the strong survive.” There’s a lot of truth to that, actually. They don’t mean the strong physically necessarily. What they mean is the strong mentally.

Right now, the changes that are taking place in the world from the economy to politics to the environment – all the confusion that is coming about – only the strong will survive. But we’re not talking about the physical strong, but the mentally strong.

This is a perfect opportunity for great things to occur in your life if you are willing to step up and step forward. Don’t give it your best. Give it your all. Whatever it is you want in life, decide right now what that might be. If you’re not sure, look at what you don’t want that is in your life. Then choose the opposite of that.

Decide on what you want and put it all forward – every single thing that you’ve got. With all of your resources – all your mental, physical and all of your material resources – go for it. Rather than sitting back in constant fear and constant struggle, instead reach forward – thrust forward – into your life and go for your brass ring.

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