Power Goal Setting—The Right Way To Make It Happen

Goals are possible to achieve when we utilize them properly. For a goal to become a reality it is necessary to have clarity, focus, and a shift of energy to our new desires

Traditional goal setting doesn’t work because it does three things:

  1. Lack of progress = discouragement. When we don’t make anticipated progress in a timely fashion, it is easy to become discouraged.
  2. Too narrowly focused which takes away from creating additional opportunities. Traditional goal setting has a tendency to give us “tunnel vision” to the ways we will achieve our goals. If you only give your self a limited number of ways to accomplish anything, you may overlook unforeseen opportunities to achievement.
  3. Coming from lack = reinforces our focus on the lack in our lives. If you are motivated from the perspective that you don’t like what you have, you are giving energy to your “lack” and not toward your desire.

If you want to accomplish a goal in a hurry, raise or change your mental vibration to be harmonious with your desire. Vibrational Harmony with our new desires is the only way to attract what we want.

Traditional Goal setting creates motivated action. Motivated action will only keep you actively pursuing a goal as long as you stay motivated. That is why most New Year’s Resolutions putter-out by February. Motivated action is caused by wanting to accomplish something because a person is unhappy with their current situation.

Power Goal setting creates energetic alignment and inspired action. If you learn how to become happy with your current life or situation but want to accomplish more, you will stay focused on what you want and energize your desired outcome. Concentrating on lack or disgust of your current situation only gives the negative more power and detracts from your goal.

In closing this article, I need to mention something very important–Action alone does not create. It is only when you take action toward your goals while projecting your feelings of the desired accomplishment,do you get the desired results. So in reality, it is the thought energy that produces things in your life.

Anyone can learn how to be a Master at Manifesting by acquiring the skill of concentrating on what you want and avoiding any thoughts or feelings around what you don’t want.