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is chief bogo a predator

Blag | Rafiki (2019) | Phileas Fogg | King Gregor | Foaly | Dalia | Quasimodo | Angelique | When notified by Clawhauser that she has arrived and is looking to talk with him, he takes a very dismissive tone to his voice, attempting to usher her out without a fuss. Domovoi "Dom" Butler | Zeus | Lightning McQueen | He was openly against having a rabbit join his force, which was, initially, comprised of heavy-weight mammals such as elephants, rhinos, and hippos, and predators such as tigers, lions, bears, and wolves. Christopher Robin (2018) | Alan-A-Dale | John Carter | Owl | He appears to work closely with Chief Bogo, the head of the police department, as it is Clawhauser who regularly keeps the chief up to date with the current events going a… Flounder | Juju | Marahute | Denahi | Blade Ranger | Mittens | Benny | Jane Porter | Maru | King Hubert | Ranjan | So Bogo has to go through the motions. Megan | Anna Coleman | Mercury | White Queen | Chief Bogo. Mr. Grasshopper | Stitch | Michael Darling | Great Prince of the Forest | Terk | #bogo #fanfiction #hopps #judy #junick #nick #wilde #wildehopps #zootopia. Princess Calla | Athos | Annie James | Donald Duck | Genie | Queen Elsa | Feeling as if Judy is running a wild goose chase, Bogo demands her badge as a sign of resignation, but Nick stands up for her, scolding Bogo for his prejudices, and noting that she still has ten hours, by that point, to find Otterton. Prince Phillip (2014) | Kovu | Belle (2017) | Ursula Stanhope | Willie the Whale | Annette, Collette and Danielle | Benny the Cab | Prince Edward | lol Download skin now! Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Naminé | Ludwig Von Drake | Mouse King | Friar Tuck | You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. His manager, Chief Bogo. Captain | Anastasia Tremaine | Dinky and Boomer | He is even shown dancing with him as an equal at the end of the movie. Inspector Gadget | Alistair Krei | Billina | King Triton | Queen Athena | Wing Commander Gutsy | Alan Bradley | Gord | Timothy Q. With a resignation to her failure, he allows her the chance. "Alright, listen up. Louis the Alligator | Cala | Rolly | Buck | Zazu | Sheik Amar | Abu (2019) | Victoria | Pete | Queen Leah | Jasmine (2019) | Goals Master Eraqus | Jasmine | Sparky | https://zootopia.fandom.com/wiki/Chief_Bogo/Relationships?oldid=90101. Dylan Piper | "Umm, Chief Bogo," she said in a sweet voice, "While I understand that you may have an affinity for him, he is a predator and he really shouldn't be the first face anyone sees at the ZPD." Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Nasty Jack | In the end, Judy is reinstated, while Nick joins the force, as well. King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, & Andrina) | Uttamatomakkin | Despite this, like many of Lionheart's subordinates, Bogo is slightly afraid of the lion mayor, as he refrained from doing anything to upset him and even becomes visibly anxious when his name is mentioned. Percy | Nanny | Bogo has very little respect for Lionheart, as shown by his attitude and language employed about him, both when explaining the Missing Mammal cases and while talking to Judy about her assignment to him. Zummi Gummi | Goodtime Charlie | Maui | Ted Johnson | Chief Bogo Solo: a Zootopia Story is a 2019 animated film from Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios 127 years after of the movie Chief Bogo The following morning, Bogo is called for emergency backup by Officer Clawhauser, requested by Judy in the Rainforest District. They were the Feds, sent directly by the government. Rajah | According to producer Clark Spencer, the inspiration for the character that would eventually become Chief Bogo came from the filmmakers' research trip to Africa, where they learned that cape buffalos are known to be unforgiving creatures. Duchess | Wilbur Robinson | Bob | Dr. Brenda Bradford | Holly Short | Jenny Slate as Bellwether, a diminutive sheep who is the assistant mayor of Zootopia. The Emperor of China | Bruno | Ki | When she arrives at his office, he suggests that she doesn't notify Lionheart about Judy's appointment to the Otterton case, and treats her in a fairly delicate manner, indicating that he thinks of her as somewhat naïve and perhaps unintelligent. Share via Email … Sweet Polly Purebred | Chad Danforth | Horace Horsecollar | Mama Odie | He purposely glosses over formally introducing Judy, not caring for new recruits, and primarily focuses on the fourteen missing mammal cases that have occurred throughout various districts in the city. Basil of Baker Street | Philoctetes | Franny Robinson | Morph | A Kind Predator(COMPLETE) Fanfiction. Mrs. Potts (2017) | Cinderella (2015) | Magic Carpet | Kenai | Wreck-It Ralph | How to use BOGO in a sentence. Bentina Beakley | Ryan Evans | Skipper Riley | Kevin Flynn | Cavin | Bruton | Benji | However, the savage predators are not cured, as the cause of their peculiar behavior has yet to be uncovered. Perri | J.P. Spamley | Scrooge McDuck | Bogo scolding Judy for leaving her post—despite the fact that she stopped a crook. Prince Charming (2015) | The chief calls Hopps to his office and scolds her on the matter, additionally expressing his annoyance in her starry-eyed ways of seeing the world. Fawn | Rita | Charlie Calvin | Aramis | Pointless 663 13 3. by DisneyFan100. Copper | Zephyr | With the discovery that she had been masterminding the entire incident, Bogo is quick to arrest her. Stanley Yelnats IV | Sharpay Evans | Magenta | Khan | Angel | The toughest cape buffalo on the force, Chief Bogo serves and protects his allies with his massive riot shield. Judy denies the offer, feeling she's ruined the city, and resigns from her position as officer. Heihei | Full Name Toughwood & Tailfeather | Yelana | He is a cape buffalo and the chief of the Zootopia Police Department. Lionheart is arrested by Bogo, and the new mayor, Bellwether, rises to power subsequently. Once she stops Duke Weaselton from stealing toxic night howler flowers, which he would have then sold to Doug, he becomes irritated by her insubordination and starry-eyed views. Whales | He purposely glosses over formally introducing Judy, not caring for new recruits, and primarily focuses on the fourteen missing mammal cases that have occurred … Fairy Godmother (2015) | Bugsy | Grand Councilwoman | 6 March 2016. Milly and Joe Farrier | Ancestors | He purposely glosses over formally introducing Judy, not caring for new recruits, and primarily focuses on the fourteen missing mammal cases that have occurred throughout various districts in the city. Mulch Diggums | A gruff Cape buffalo, Chief Bogo is the leader of the Zootopia Police Department. Holley Shiftwell | Chief Bogois the tritagonist ofZootopia. Zini | Spot the Killer Whale | Pip | He believes her to be lying or exaggerating when she reports Manchas' savagery to him and demands her resignation. Diaval | Nick Wilde | The Sultan (2019) | Sara Jean Reynolds | Akela (2016) | Snow White | Jaq and Gus (2015) | Freeze Girl | Reuben | Hermes | Wasabi | Bernard | While he says very little about Bellwether, it is likely that he considers her in the same manner as most residents of Zootopia. He is a cape buffalo and the chief of theZootopia Police Department. Jill Young | Prince Naveen | Aquarianne | Red | Chief Bogo is a character from Zootopia. Sora | Jake | John Smith | Mack | Pinocchio | Zero (Holes) | Aside from his work dedication, he disliked anything that interfered with more serious matters, including politics and the antics of his own officers. Tarzan | Maid Marian | Gyro Gearloose | Trusty | Cubbi Gummi | Pistol Pete | Sebastian | Captain Jack Sparrow | "And that's good enough reason for me to jettison the most reliable, dedicated employee I have ever hired, wholesale, without warning?" Sarafina (2019) | Genie (2019) | Jiminy Cricket | Larry | Valiant | Robe | Mr. Beaver | Captain Amelia | Bogo is last seen during the credits, excitingly dancing alongside Clawhauser at Gazelle's concert performance. Kessie | Olive Oyl | Emperor Kuzco | James Henry Trotter | El Chupacabra | Aslan | WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT/Gray News) - Police Chief Ralph Evangelous called a man who is preying on other men in downtown Wilmington a “predator.”. Shank | Terence | Jessica Rabbit | Fa Mulan | Simba (2019) | 1 Personality 2 Film Role 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 Navigation Like many mammals, Bogo was highly prejudiced at the start of the film. Sunny | Aladdin (2019) | Cash | Dr. Joshua Sweet | Gordon Bombay | Idris Elba as Chief Bogo, an African buffalo who is the police chief of the Zootopia Police Department's 1st Precinct. Chief Bogo Solo: a Zootopia Story is an upcoming computer-animated comedy comic CGI directed by Michael Giacchino and Lorne Balfe the sequel of Zootopia 2016 147 years after of the movie Chief Bogo His name comes from the word "m'bogo", which means "cape buffalo" in Swahili. David Kawena | Colonel Haiti | Hector Barbossa | Mr. Magoo | Trusty (2019) | Yo Yo Flamingo | Bogo can be quite spiteful to those in his disfavor, and can occasionally allow his personal emotions to override his sense of honor. Jumba Jookiba | Giles Winslow Sr. | Balthazar Blake | Timon (2019) | Shane Wolfe | Stella | Meeko | Ryan | Bogo is initially mistrustful of Wilde, perhaps more-so than with Judy, and refuses to let him act as a witness, even though he did indeed witness many of the events which could solve the Missing Mammal cases. Widow Tweed | Ape | Terra (Lingering Will) | Francis | Because his particular job on the force requires very little mobility, Clawhauser spends most of his time indulging himself in food and media which, after so many years, would result in his hefty size. Grandma Tala | Chicken Little | Chief Bogois the tritagonist ofZootopia. Peter Pan | Mayor of Halloween Town | Abigail and Amelia Gabble | Chief Bogo (Zootopia) (957) Judy Hopps (871) Nick Wilde (871) Benjamin Clawhauser (535) Finnick (Zootopia) (288) Original Characters (246) Dawn Bellwether (137) Wolford (Zootopia) (136) Bonnie Hopps (120) Jack Savage (116) Include Relationships Judy Hopps/Nick Wilde (547) Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde (290) Chief Bogo/Benjamin Clawhauser (40) Merryweather | Bambi | Organization XIII | (Axel | Xion | Roxas | Herbie | by DisneyFan100 Follow. Mrs. Potts | Gribble | Mater | Abby Mallard | Frou-Frou | Home; About; Search for: Tag Archives: chief bogo “We may be evolved, but down deep we’re still animals.” Disney’s Zootopia. Towards his comrades on the force, Bogo is rather charming and stark but playfully mischievous. Bogo is first introduced during morning routines in the bull pin of the ZPD headquarters. Jaq and Gus | Strelitzia | Olaf | Rebecca Cunningham | Chief Tui | Shanti | Paranoid Official. Darwin | John Rolfe | Henrietta | When confronted on his shady actions and behavior towards Judy's case, Bogo, after thinking them over, was apparently ashamed by his own dishonorable decisions. Grand Duke | Pete (2016) | Chief Bogo : [inside Chief Bogo's office where the Chief reads a list of Hopps's offenses] Abandoning your post, inciting a scurry, reckless endangerment of rodents. Radio | Tip and Dash | Guido | Riku | Patch | In contrast to how Lionheart treats Bellwether, Chief Bogo seems to treat Clawhauser with significant autonomy and patience and treats him with relative courtesy the entire time. Chance | Thomas | Lucky | Grammi Gummi | Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad | Elliott (2016) | Alice Liddell | Friend Owl | Maggie | Embarrassed, Bogo quickly tries to change the subject, leading Clawhauser to reveal that Judy has uncovered all fourteen missing mammals, plus the savage jaguar, deeply shocking and impressing the chief. Kida | It's hard enough being a predator because we face that already. When conversing with Judy at one point, Bogo alludes to his opinions on society, believing the world to be a broken place, and one in need of "good cops". Water Rat | Yesss | Rabbit | Cloak & Camo | Nala (2019) | Milo James Thatch | Pumbaa | Murphy | Blue Fairy | Cassandra | The following day, Bogo gets word that Judy abandoned her parking duties to catch a weasel, supposedly endangering Little Rodentia in the process, among other charges. Later, he chooses not to fire him during the anti-predator riots and returns him to the front desk immediately after the … At first, he did not like having Judy as part of the ZPD, but, once she proved herself, changed his mind. Madellaine | Fifi | Gopher | Jack Skellington | Sarabi | Vixey | Cruz Ramirez, Buck Cluck | Zazu (2019) | Darkwing Duck | Finn McMissile | Chief Bogo : Insubordination! Baloo | Benjamin ClawhauserMayor LionheartJudy HoppsDawn Bellwether (formerly)Nick Wilde Skeeter Bronson | Jim Craig | BOGO definition is - a sales promotion in which an item is offered free or at a reduced price when another item is purchased at full price. He is a cape buffalo and the chief of theZootopia Police Department. Dawn | Charlotte La Bouff | Occupation Yao, Ling, and Chien Po | Ruby | Bolt | Skip to content. Mufasa | Blaster | AU (Again) When a fox sees a bunny passed out in a local bar, he does what another mammal would not have done. As Nick points out, though, they still have ten more hours to find Mr. Otterton. Rajah (2019) | Sparky | Ballerina | Morgana Macawber | Tantor | Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff | Cassim | Kerchak | Casey Newton | Share. Te Fiti | Kirby | Long John Silver | Mushu | Vidia | Pumbaa (2019) | His estimation of her goes up greatly, even after she inadvertently causes conflict between the predatory and prey mammals of Zootopia, attempting to reassure her before she hands her badge in of her own accord. The Baker | Sir Tuxford | Lady Kluck | Max Medici | The Minecraft Skin, Chief Bogo (Zootopia), was posted by Willowind_Forestwalk. Chief Buffalo Butt (by Nick) She may not be able to be Mayor anymore but she can still be a heavy hitter in the conspiracy. Gladstone Gander | Little Red Riding Hood | Bandersnatch | Mr. Centipede | Data-Roxas | Snickers | He's a stern, unforgiving, hard-bitten veteran of the police force who expects all of his officers to be as tough as he is. Alias Solving Cases Maurice | Bagheera | Pocahontas | Gavin Magary | Conall | Buck | She made things complicated... Not only had lost her husband a few years prior... She was also a predator. Old Yeller | Jim Hawkins | Before he can do so officially, however, he learns that Assistant Mayor Bellwether has already informed Mayor Lionheart that Judy is now on Otterton's case. Webby Vanderquack | Tik-Tok | Natalie Magary | Travis Coates | John Darling | Princess Marie | Bogo's tone in regards to Mrs. Otterton reflects his attempt to dismiss her, similarly to how he attempts to dismiss Bellwether and Judy. Nick Parker | Borra | Chip Potts | Peter Pevensie | "Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true! Eema | With the entrance of Mrs. Otterton and Judy's insistence that she can and will solve the case of her missing husband, he becomes enraged and fires her on the spot. The Lone Ranger | Melody | When asked about Bogo's first name, director Byron Howardsaid it remains undecided. Scamp | Moki | Rapunzel | Rama | Muscular, top-heavy body; dark grey fur; brown eyes, wears glasses occasionally; dark blue police uniform with black utility belt. Pegasus | However, this doesn't stop him from enjoying a few rounds of playful banter with the duo, on account of their history with one another. Winston | This leads to public outcry, with citizens believing predator mammals are reverting back to their "natural instincts", causing them to lash out and lose their sanity unexpectedly. When he arrives at the scene, however, Judy plays a record on her carrot recorder, which reveals Bellwether's confessions of criminal activity, and the former mayor is arrested subsequently. King Louie | He is voiced by Idris Elba, who also portrayed Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rafiki | Wayne Szalinski | Figaro | Zero | Suri | Toaster | Roo | Mr. Big | The Prince | Edmund Pevensie | Dec 31, 2020 - Explore T. Optinavi's board "Chief Bogo" on Pinterest. Pongo | Madame Upanova | Belle | When Bogo demands Judy's badge, Nick stands up for Judy reminding Bogo that she has ten more hours left to find Mr. Otterton. Lampy | Riley Poole | He is voiced by Idris Elba. Giselle | Chief Bogo is a large, muscular cape buffalo, who is the commander (and chief) of the Zootopia Police Department.Tough as nails and rough around the edges (and pretty much all over), Chief Bogo doesn't suffer fools gladly. Slue-Foot Sue | Georgette | Tigger | Lumière | Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | Silvermist | Though hesitant at first, Judy agrees. Wendy Darling | Despite all of this, Bogo is not as close-minded as he seems. The BFG | Wolf | Aurora (2014) | Sarafina | Also, he immediately forgives him for errors made in good faith and allows him to be himself at work. Olivia Flaversham | Junior (Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race), https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Chief_Bogo?oldid=2027976. Jim Evers | Chen Honghui | Lofty | Bruno | Rutt and Tuke | He seems to consider him an overbearing presence on the force and strongly disagreed with many of Lionheart's political decisions, such as his Mammal Inclusion Initiative scheme. Winnie the Pooh (2018) | Toby Turtle | Gaetan Moliére | Sir Gawain | George of the Jungle | Cleo | Gruff | Winifred | As such, he appoints her to park duty. Lizzie | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Ichabod Crane | Chief Bogo is portrayed as a bit of a git. Miss Spider | Clawhauser likewise does not find Bogo intimidating in any way whatsoever, and instead sees him as completely approachable. Fish Out of Water | Zugor | Penny | Fauna | Once Judy succeeds in solving her case, he immediately softens up to her, becoming a supportive and soft-spoken ally. Victor Frankenstein | Mother Ginger | Aurora | Police Chief of the ZPD Mighty Joe Young | Jock (2019) | Type of Hero Urchin | Luigi | Ben Ali Gator | Cinderella | Flora | Wooster | Big Mama | Ron Wilson | Those who succeed in doing so, such as Judy, garner his utmost respect. Athena | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | The Commander | Juarez | Cri-Kee | Christopher Robin | Baboons | Eeyore (2018) | Chip and Dale | Chief Bogo is the Chief of Police, he still has to act like a cop, so of course arresting her, there was evidence now, a confession. Bogo accepts both, and treats with as much dignity and respect as the other members of the force. Leslie Burke | Roger Rabbit | Launchpad McQuack | Earthworm | Artemis Fowl | Marnie Piper | Arthur Pendragon | Knowing Lionheart would be furious if he learns that Judy's been taken off the case, Bogo begrudgingly allows her mission to proceed, but informs her that she only has 48 hours to complete it, or she must resign.

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