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I always felt it was well known or commonly believed that Sneddon’s being over zealous in pursuit of Michael is what ultimately lead to the 2003 case ending with an acquittal. Wow this became way too long but it’s some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at least. This isn’t to say that Jackson didn’t own any pornography at all. What evidence? The bed they are talking about is a bed the size of a room. But if a 44 year old man is inviting 9 year old boys over to spend the night playing tummy sticks in his bed, I've already got enough info to know the man was a piece of garbage that nobody should mourn. Does anyone else remember all of these cases happening like it was yesterday? He´s a pedophile beyond reasonable doubt. Safechuck, who appeared in the recent documentary Leaving Neverland, alleged in a 2014 lawsuit that Jackson had abused him from 1988 until 1992. My apologies because I kept making the Teen/twenties-ish Jermaine’s voice comparison remarks incorrectly throughout my replies. 0:45. (I doubt Feldman would lie about it) A rapist doesn't rape everyone they meet and what better way to have amazing character witnesses for you if you ever got caught? I feel like it’s almost even telling that several fathers were depressed arguing or committed suicide and wore separated methodically from the mother’s by Michael. The parents letting the boys leave for those “hideouts” in Century city and Westwood strikes me too...I just can’t rationalize how it would be necessary and if it’s not necessary why didn’t the moms ask and stop it? I did find these old good quality video interviews that are sorta interesting (to me at least) and there’s some really interesting comparison details to be pulled from it as well. It’s an important perception the world had about the property. I don’t care how much you buy me or money you give me, my child will not sleep in your bed PEDO, they're extremely bad parents regardless of whether MJ molested them or not. If you haven't seen it, how do you know there isn't hard evidence? Here is Part 2 of the Families 1993 interview which immediately followed Michaels 93’ Oprah interview. Because that happens. Anyone who defends Michael Jackson is defending a pedophile monster. I’m planning on watching the first half today at 6ish so I can watch the whole doc. DREAM13Media. I think this footage was surrounding the Bashir doc, because he did say a lot of this then too. All the pornography in the bedroom where they slept. In fact, if you were like me, you grew up loving Wade Robson. I was obsessed. After watching this documentary, it makes me sick that the parents allowed their young boys to sleep with a grown man in his bed. I just copied and pasted my response detailing the speaking voices but check out some of these interviews they are great. He worked the camera while interviewing the two men and there was only one other person on set working the lighting. Leaving Neverland. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.nabsonmovies.com/post/review-leaving-neverland-part1. Its important to note, MJ never admitted any wrongdoing and its believed settling out of court opened the doors to a lot of bad actors that saw this as an opportuinity to cash in on one of the richest people in the world willing to settle out of court rather than take it to trial. I think Dan Reed did a great job focusing the story solely on the boys and their families and really getting into what abuse looks like and how it manifests. • -Lotoya Jackson Interview where she briefly discusses Sexual abuse at the hands of Joe Jackson. I think these two men know better what happened then 'us'. Years 11-12 . Here’s a couple of other family interviews I found I figured I’d share: 2001 Jackson Brothers interview interview’s discussing their involvement in MJ’s NYC 9/10/01 concert. “The 11 Most Disturbing Allegations in Leaving Neverland”, Everything You Should Know About The New Jackson Documentary, The most-watched interview in television history, Michael Jackson’s Secret Family – A Millionaire’s Wife and Her Two Kids, Drawings and that letter he first wrote Michael, This Post about Michael having possibly been “chemically Castrated” by his father Joe Jackson, Here’s Jermaine’s voice at roughly that age he can be heard @3:03, you can hear her in this 1980 family interview at 3:46, Motown doc with Bery Gordy and Suzanne Depasse, Jay Leno who was even staying at Neverland Ranch, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP9X8KkCapU. The truth was that a sizable amount of adult heterosexual pornography had been confiscated in the raid, but Jackson was a grown man and this type of pornography is not illegal to own. Watch now. the doc was intentionally made this way, it was about the two men and their stories. Where did the Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe situation fit in here?!?! I’d even say it could be considered part of his modus operandi. He cycled through boys who were in his preferred age range. Every single action they have taken has been so suspicious. The place to watch, discuss, unravel a case, submit links to theories, evidence, or just anything doc related. Rare interesting Motown doc with Bery Gordy and Suzanne Depasse. Does anyone know when part 2 of leaving neverland is coming out ? Still no excuse. ‘Leaving Neverland’ is a two part documentary currently airing on HBO. Starstruck, seduced by fame and fortune, gullibility, victims of a skilled manipulator they may have been. It's literally unsubstantiated accusations and that's not an informative documentary. Plus those later stories constantly popping up during his 2003 case that not only brought us This odd “performance” Gem but also this song titled- D.S.? 1993 Jermaine @ 1:57, Tito @2:04, sister Rebbie @2:46, an older Katherine @2:55, Jermaine oddly sounding an awful lot like Michael @3:14 in? McclearnScott63428567. We know Joe hit them all and Latoyas mentioned sexual abuse but no one else has ever mentioned it or supported that claim.

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