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poignantly beautiful meaning

Naomi's mothering experiences are poignantly described in her fiction. To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having live At the same time, utter nihilism is staved off with some incisive and poignantly human touches. Example sentences with the word poignant. His piano had a single red rose poignantly lying across the keyboard. 25 sentence examples: 1. December 28, 2016 <(Sexual Abuse) Trigger Warning > They say one out of three people have been sexually abused in their life. A Thai Shampoo Ad Poignantly Tells the Story of a Transgender Beauty Queen and Her Hair It's a potent combination of product shilling and heart tugging. Lindsey Meehleis. Source: Sunsilk Poignantly beautiful. ant (poin′yənt) adj. poignant example sentences. A panacea is something that can heal or cure anything or, more generally, solve any problem. This number is so astonishingly high to me that I can't even wrap my head around it. Poignant definition is - painfully affecting the feelings : piercing. I mean, Shakespeare invented his … ‘the girl's fate poignantly recalled his own dark childhood’ ‘The strings sigh, and the woodwinds are poignantly beautiful.’ ‘Even the painting's nominal portrait subject, the artist's son clutching a favorite doll, slips rather poignantly out of focus.’ A beautiful, poignantly awkward black began to emerge, foreshadowing his coming figurative work. 2. b. Emily was one of my favorite characters in that film, namely because her life was such a brief and tragic one. • This is one of her most beautiful and poignant works. Keenly distressing to the mind or feelings: poignant anxiety. poignantly synonyms, poignantly pronunciation, poignantly translation, English dictionary definition of poignantly. • Surely it is a poignant reminder of … See Synonyms at moving. Did You Know? Find more ways to say poignant, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 3. 1. a. Arousing deep emotion, especially pity or sorrow; touching: a poignant memory; a poignant story. Another word for poignant. She spoke poignantly of her late husband. Synonym Discussion of poignant. adj. c. Physically painful: "Keen, poignant agonies seemed to shoot from his neck downward" (Ambrose Bierce). How to use poignant in a sentence. See Synonyms at moving. His protagonists are poignantly human, but Frears avoids the temptation of turning them into beatific Christ figures or walking billboards. Call me crazy, (or cliché) but I really do think Romeo & Juliet has some of the most beautiful writing ever put to the page. Keenly distressing to: 31. Here’s another beautiful word with a beautiful meaning. poignant reminder/image/moment etc • Portraits of young men in uniform, many of whom never returned, make a poignant moment in most twentieth-century family collections. How to use poignant in a sentence. 1. a. Arousing deep emotion, especially pity or sorrow; touching: a poignant memory; a poignant story. The Corpse Bride is such a poignantly beautiful film. b. The fact that she didn’t let her own growing feelings for Victor stand in the way of his happiness with Victoria was a testament to her strength of character. 2.

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