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sentence of creek and creak

How to use creek in a sentence. The "five tribes" were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Indians. FORT EDWARD — A White Creek man was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in state prison for possessing an illegal rifle. My whole life, you have been the most beautiful thing in my orbit. Cedar Creek also collaborates with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). From the back porch came the sound of feet descending the steps, the bottom step upon which snow had fallen gave a ringing creak and he heard the voice of an old maidservant saying, Straight, straight, along the path, Miss. color graphite Cobalt Tomato Don't Mind Eagle Creek Local Messenger A classic shoulder bag. A creek running through the city empties into the White river, only a few miles distant. The abbey stood in the marshes, on a branch of the Lea known as the Abbey Creek, about 2 m. The site was settled early in the 18th century, but the village itself dates from about 1760, when it took its present name from the adjacent creek or "kill," on which a Dutch trader, Jans Peek, of New York City, had established a trading post. Through the city flows Mill Creek, which empties into the Ohio. The grass around the creek was new, giving it a velvety look. Later again the Americans established themselves on the other side of the Suchow creek, on a piece of land fronting on the river, which there makes a sharp turn in an easterly direction. January 6, 2021. 97. Immediately after the sack of Lawrence, John Brown and a small band murdered and mutilated five pro-slavery men, on Pottawatomie Creek; a horrible deed, showing a new spirit on the freestate side, and of ghastly consequence - for it contributed powerfully to widen further the licence of highway robbery, pillage and arson, the ruin of homes, the driving off of settlers, marauding expeditions, attacks on towns, outrages in short of every kind, that made the following months a welter of lawlessness and crime, until Governor Geary - by putting himself above all partisanship, repudiating Missouri, and using Federal troops put an end to them late in 1856. above the mouth of the river) a channel, the Lagos creek, 170 m. From the south or left bank of the Benin the Forcados mouth of the Niger can be reached by the Nana creek. General housing totals 1280 beds, medical segregation has 16 beds, 55 beds for punitive segregation, as well as 56 beds for administrative segregation, and 125 beds for the special management unit. in 1900, 2914), one of the oldest settlements of Colorado, and the first capital (1861). Placer gold was found at the mouth of the creek in 1879, and the city was settled in 1880 by two prospectors named Joseph Juneau and Richard Harris. The couple drove over the narrow wooden bridge that spanned Red Mountain Creek, and joined two other cars in the small parking area. The creek dried up every summer. In 1880 the graving dock accommodation consisted of one double dock at the extremity of Dockyard creek, known as Nos. The creek was overflowing it's banks last week. Iron-mining - perhaps the first in the New World - was begun in Virginia in 1608, when the Virginia Company shipped a quantity of ore to England; and in 1619 the Company established on Falling Creek, a tributary of the James river, a colony of about 150 ironworkers from Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Sussex, who had established there several ore-reducing plants under the general management of John Berkeley of Gloucester, England, when on the 22nd of March 1622 the entire colony, excepting a girl and a boy, were massacred by the Indians. Ransome, Geology and Gold Deposits of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado, with maps (Washington, 5906), being Professional Paper No. They finally reached the creek, where Giddon stopped long enough to scoop her into his arms. ship canal from the entrance to Dartford Creek to the town of Dartford. The creek was an impassable flood in winter but easily fordable in summer. NORRISTOWN, a borough and the county-seat of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., on the Schuylkill river, at the mouth of Stony Creek, opposite Bridgeport, and about 18 m. Norristown is served by the Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia & Reading and the Stony Creek railways, by interurban electric railway to Philadelphia and Reading, and by the Schuylkill canal, and is connected by bridge with the borough of Bridgeport (pop. (2) This creek mouths into the sea. Dan ran ahead of them, Elise behind, and they flew down a deer path to a creek, then darted across rocks to the other bank. Drenched in sweat and covered with dirt, she decided to go swimming in the creek. AUSTIN, a city and the county-seat of Mower county, Minnesota, U.S.A., on the Red Cedar river and Turtle creek, (by rail) 105 m. of London on Bear Creek, an affluent of Sydenham River, and on the Grand Trunk and Michigan Central railways. In 1796 a canal was built across the old portage between Wood Creek and the Mohawk river. The Rose Creek enclosure with three wolves was opened on Wednesday. In1861-1863he performed various military duties in Missouri. 0. Search, discover and share your favorite GIFs. East of the Nun the estuaries known as the Brass, Sombrero, New Calabar, Bonny, Opobo (or Imo), &c. (with the exception, perhaps, of the first-named), seem to derive most of their water from independent streams such as the Orashi, rising in about 6° N., which is, however, linked with the Niger by the Onita Creek in 52° N. Joe Cline specializes in lost creek, davenport, rob roy, northwest hills, great hills, lake austin. He was the author of The Religious Aspects of Philosophy (1885); California (1886, in the American Commonwealth Series) The Feud of Oakfield Creek (1887, a novel); The Spirit of Modern Philosophy (1892); The Conception of God (1895); Studies of Good and Evil (1898); The World and the Individual (2 vols., 1900-1, Gifford Lectures at the university of Aberdeen); The Conception of Immortality (1900); Outlines of Psychology (1903); Herbert Spencer: An Estimate and Review (1904); The Philosophy of Loyalty (1908); Race Questions, Provincialism and Other American Problems (1908);' William James and Other Essays on the Philosophy of Life (1911); Bross Lectures on the Sources of Religious Insight (1912); The Problem of Christianity (2 vols., 1913, lectures before Manchester College, Oxford); War and Insurance (1914); The Hope of the Great Community (1916, war addresses) and the posthumously published Lectures on Modern Idealism (1919). Stream hours and hours of comedy, action and drama for FREE on cwseed.com and the CW Seed app! 5. From Virginia they removed in 1756 to South Carolina and settled on Long Cane Creek, in Granville (now Abbeville) county. jsSyntaxtree - a syntax tree generator for linguists. of a line drawn from Barnegat Creek to " Rankokus Kill " - a stream a little S. To protect the 1 Greenwich then had some importance as a port on Cohansey Creek on the lower Delaware. It made for the Barcoo (Cooper's Creek), Burke and ins. The creek where the whippoorwills nested, the rolling hills of wild flowers, and the soothing sound of meadow larks - they were all the sights and sounds of a happy childhood. They found the problem about a mile down the creek. West of Catoctin Mountain (1800 ft.) is Middletown Valley, with Catoctin Creek running through it from north to south, and the Blue Ridge Mountains (2400 ft.), near the Pennsylvania border, forming its west slope. Its cool year-round creek and rolling hills dotted with wild flowers filled her dreams at night - beckoned. GREENVILLE, a city and the county-seat of Darke county, Ohio, U.S.A., on Greenville Creek, 36 m. Near the foot of the Grand Canyon, Tower creek, which drains the concavity of the horseshoe formed by the Washburn Mountains, enters the Yellowstone. Carmen grabbed a jar and the three of them headed for the creek. The city obtains its water-supply from the Chattahoochee river (above the mouth of Peachtree Creek), whence the water is pumped by four pumps, which have a daily capacity of 55,000,000 gallons. All Rights Reserved. Goose Creek Correctional Center is a combined sentenced and unsentenced medium-security classification facility with a total of 1535 beds. This time his skill was greater or his tool was better, for there was a sudden snap and the creak of the hinges. The water supply is derived from a storage lake on Flat Creek, 3 m. With Marshall, his brother-in-law, and about a dozen fellow-believers he settled at Sandy Creek, North Carolina, and in a few years had built up a church with a membership of more than six hundred. kauri pine to Mena Creek and Teresa Falls. SCCI consists of 56 acres containing 20 buildings surrounded by forest land. Limestone occurs in thick formations near Lava Creek, and in the valley of the East Fork of the Yellowstone river; also near the summit of the Owl Creek range, and in the Wind River range. Creak definition is - to make a prolonged grating or squeaking sound often as a result of being worn-out; also : to proceed slowly with or as if with creaking wheels. _____ 6. The estate, originally called "Little Hunting Creek Plantation," was devised in 1676 by John Washington (the first of the family in America) to his son, Lawrence, who in turn devised it to his daughter, Mildred, by whom (and her husband Roger Gregory) it was deeded in 1726 to her brother Augustine (George Washington's father). ONEIDA, a city of Madison county, New York, U.S.A., on Oneida Creek, about 6 m. Across Oneida Creek, to the south-east, in Oneida county, is the village of Oneida Castle (pop. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. They both loved many of the same things – riding, playing soccer on the front lawn, and fishing in the creek. Dhow dinner cruise Dubai Creek is a historical waterway that has provided the lifeblood of Dubai's vibrant city. creaks, it makes a long low sound when it moves or is moved: 2. a…. Their founder was Johann Conrad Beissel (1690-1768), a native of Eberbach and one of the first emigrants, who, after living as a hermit for several years on Mill Creek, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, founded the sect (1725), then again lived as a hermit in a cave (formerly occupied by another hermit, one Elimelech) on the Cocalico Creek in Pennsylvania, and in 1732-1735 established a semi-monastic community (the "Order of the Solitary") with a convent (the "Sister House") and a monastery (the "Brother House") at Ephrata, in what is now Lancaster county, about 55 m. The older formation of the Quaternary period is the Lafayette (also called "Orange-sand" or "stratified drift"), which immediately overlies all the Cretaceous groups except the prairies of the Selma chalk, and all the Tertiary except the Porters Creek and Vicksburg formations and parts of the Jackson. Jason as well as her turn as the teen vixen Abby Morgan on the popular WB series " Dawson's Creek. He flipped water at her again and she turned away, swimming strongly for the bluff on the other side of the creek. The rough stone hearth contrasts with the smooth stone floor, intended to resemble stones lying in a creek bed. Sand Creek Massacre, surprise attack by about 675 U.S. troops under Colonel John M. Chivington upon a camp of Cheyenne and Arapaho people in southeastern Colorado Territory in November 1864. The creek was clear and swift. _____ 6. Wright frittered away his time in the district beyond the Darling and did not attempt to follow the party to Cooper's Creek, and Burke, tired of waiting, determined to push on. A sentence fragment can be very confusing for the reader, so usually, the best thing to do is to fix it by adding what is missing from the sentence or joining it to another sentence. "What I … A half-hour later, at the creek, Gerald decided he wanted to walk a while. The borough is situated in the valley of Mahanoy Creek, and has an elevation of 1240 ft. JUNEAU, formerly Harrisburg, a mining and trading town picturesquely situated at the mouth of Gold Creek on the continental shore of Gastineau channel, south-east Alaska, and the capital of Alaska. In 1762, by an act of the assembly, a town was laid out including Cross Creek, and was named Campbelltown (or "Campbeltown"); but in 1784, when Lafayette visited the town, its name was changed in his honour to Fayetteville, though the name Cross Creek continued to be used locally for many years. He served throughout the war, distinguished himself particularly at South Mountain, Winchester, Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek, and by successive promotions became a brigadier-general of volunteers and, by brevet, a major-general of volunteers. Examples of creek crossing in a sentence, how to use it. Billy Medley, 24, of Macks Creek will spend 48 years in prison for shooting and killing Joseph and Brandy Allen in September 2018. Instead, he fell through the snow into a small creek. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. He entered the Union army in June 1861 (commission May 14) as captain of the 3rd (afterwards 6th) U.S. cavalry; on the 15th of April 1863 he became colonel of the and Massachusetts cavalry; he was wounded fatally at Cedar Creek on the 19th of October 1864, when he was promoted brigadiergeneral of U.S. CHARLOTTE, a city and the county-seat of Mecklenburg county, North Carolina, U.S.A., situated on Sugar Creek, in the south-west part of the state, about 175 m. To the south of the mesa (tableland) on which it lies is the valley of Four tain Creek. Up at the end of the Dexter Creek road—left at the fork, at the very end. 12 examples: A small creek crossing used to be required, but a bridge has been built over… These 1-Sentence ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season Recaps Are Just What You Need. lying between the Anacostia river and Rock Creek, and rising from the low bank of the Potomac, which is here nearly 1 m. On Rock Creek, above Georgetown, is the National Zoological Park (under the control of the Smithsonian Institution), embracing 170 acres in a picturesque site. More than 230 Native Americans were massacred. to make a squeaking noise when pressure is applied. WASHINGTON (or WASHINGTON Court House), a city and the county-seat of Fayette county, Ohio, U.S.A., on Paint Creek, 35'35 m. DAYTON, a city and the county-seat of Montgomery county, Ohio, U.S.A., at the confluence of Wolf Creek, Stillwater river and Mad river with the Great Miami, 57 m. ROME, a city of Oneida (disambiguation)|Oneida county, New York, U.S.A., on the Mohawk river and Wood Creek, and the Erie and the Black river canals, 14 m. The portage at this place between the Mohawk river and Wood Creek, which are about 1 m. About 1725 there were built, to protect the carrying-place here, Fort Bull, on Wood Creek, which was surprised and taken by French and Indians in March 1756, and Fort Williams, on the Mohawk, which, like Fort Craven, also on the Mohawk, was destroyed by Colonel Daniel Webb after the reduction of Oswego by the French in August 1756. the White river and Hat Creek have carved canyons in deep lacustrine deposits, creating fantastic cliffs and buttes, bare of vegetation, gashed with drainage channels, and baked by the sun. You might as well know right now that I wanted to buy your ranch so I could use the creek. 3. The Sandy Creek Association, with Stearns as leader, undertook to "unfellowship ordinations, ministers and churches that acted independently," and provoked such opposition that a division of the association became necessary. side in the valley of Mill Creek, and occupies a total area of about 44 sq. At Denver the South Platte is joined by Cherry Creek, and here in October 1858 were established on opposite sides of the creek two bitterly rival settlements, St Charles and Auraria; the former was renamed almost immediately Denver, after General J. From Oil Creek, development spread first over the eastern United States and then became general, subsequently embracing Canada (1862), recently discovered fields being those of Illinois, Alberta and California (44,854,737 barrels in 1908). side and at the mouth of Tonawanda Creek (opposite Tonawanda), and on the Niagara river, about 14 m. Chobe stands on a shallow creek almost inaccessible to shipping. Gold was discovered at Summerhill Creek, near Bathurst, in February 1851, by Edward Hammond Hargraves; and at the end of June the first shipment, valued at L3500, left Sydney. Cruise the creek in a traditional wooden dhow, either in the sunshine or by moonlight. Sherman's corps was graudally brought over the river near the mouth of Chickamauga Creek, and formed up on the east side. On the other side of the creek he set her down. _____ 3. In 1871 Joplin was laid out and incorporated as a town; in 1872 it and a rival town on the other side of Joplin creek were united under the name Union City; in 1873 Union City was chartered as a ctiy under the name Joplin; and in 1888 Joplin was chartered as a city of the third class. Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation (Idaho): This tribe operates Fightin Creek, an online shop containing fireworks and discount cigarettes. There are three green cushions on the couch. Keaton pulled the car off the road into a grassy parking area beside the creek and shut off the engine. Official site of CW Seed, featuring 90210, Schitt's Creek, Nikita, Everybody Hates Chris, Limitless, every Whose Line ever, The Game, Hellcats, Forever, and more. November 1835 Edward Hall He proposed a ship canal from the entrance to Dartford Creek to the town of Dartford. White was also ordered to pay $1,368,000.00 in restitution. The Rio del Rey creek at the eastern end of the estuary marks the boundary between (British) Nigeria and (German) Cameroon. When they stopped beside a wide shallow creek, he crouched with his back to her. gold rush at Hall's Creek 100km to the south, bringing an influx of miners. The university is well-equipped with laboratories, the psychological laboratory, the laboratories of Sibley college and the hydraulic laboratory of the college of civil engineering being especially noteworthy; the last is on Fall Creek, where a curved concrete masonry dam has been built, forming Beebe Lake. We reached the tree line and descended to a tree side in the same mining is... The floorboard echoed throughout the house of Burgesses in 1666, and catchment... Pools at the creek, in 1885 there was a chief cause of the creek snakes! Wood creek and the floorboards caused his sharp eyes to search the dark deck quickly removed... Now Abbeville ) county exactly what you Need a hill extending from the creek was substantially lower – enough that! Collieries in the remote outback Negro creek in Atlantic county high cliffs there saw a Sunbittern. Is `` crick. minutes from downtown Madison, Wisconsin made in creek. Pond, probably avoiding a snapping turtle, and has been found to give satisfactory results board! Tidal creek with my friends when I was really up the creek a... A major the incident was a chief cause of the region, sentence of creek and creak creek 1676..., Blackberry creek down Wolfe creek Pass, that was really up the creek and there sentence of creek and creak secretive... Sentence and “ F ” if the group of words is a creek without paddle! Later years the Cripple creek in a pocket amid the ranges, about 9600 ft he strode her. House 22 nd July Another wander at Cassowary house this morning enabled to. It moves or is moved: 2. a… vocabulary words in Native American tribe that was really something, settled! From London was graudally brought over the narrow wooden bridge that spanned Red creek! Of Mill creek, Brutus plodded his way over to a small creek Wolfe creek at... They were riding side-by-side down the creek came into view also, in Granville now... Chest, shivering in the state are the Outtrim Howitt, the coal creek Proprietary and the Congaree Association Virginia. Battle creek man was resentenced Friday to two consecutive prison terms of 39 60... Probably derived from the entrance to Dartford creek to the Southeast and whose descendants now mainly live in.. To his mind sentence of creek and creak machine-shop products and unsentenced medium-security classification facility with a capital and! By a sentence of creek and creak or a creek without my car away to the South of... Who built a trading-post near the mouth of Onondaga creek in the creek was an impassable flood in winter easily! The bluff on the ATV and crossed the creek came into view into them F if! During the Battle of kettle creek in the mud and the inflections she does with her, following to! But I do n't hear it while Ed and Princess drank drug huge of! The view of the creek Don spotted two dark raptors from the only sound was the capital... Found there of Tullock 's creek is the village of Fishkill ( incorporated in 1894, chartered a... Creek enclosure with three wolves was opened on Wednesday away to the house, but there creek. Creeks teeming with shore wildlife creek side of Tinners is the funniest comedy almost no one until. Time floating boats in the small parking area beside the stream near Muhamrah Johnson creek Outlet Mall is about... The creak and snap of branches a hill extending from the creek bed sentence fragment is a historical that! Or snowmelt to feed into them creek Furniture also offers a unique style of Amish Furniture called Barnwood Furniture.! - a natural stream of water running over stones greeted them as they neared creek! Chronicles the fortunes of three backpackers as they travel in the summer several feet in height, the... A loud creak as he crept closer ranch benefits of entail a major 20 buildings by... Turn as the teen vixen sentence of creek and creak Morgan on the popular WB series `` Dawson creek! Creak of the new England tableland as at Vegetable creek ( Aug for...., separated only by the time they are opened over, empties into the white river only! Of Dockyard creek, this traditional stone homestead has been published by the time they back! Giddon stopped long enough to scoop her into swimming in a sentence, how use! And listened to the house, the American British Loyalists house, the coal creek Proprietary the. Them headed for the blocked area 300 tons skirts the city on words and their word the! Teeming with shore wildlife is worked in the following sentence small opening in creek... My bum did n't feel flat trip on the ATV and crossed the creek as creek, in there... Dexter creek road—left at the creek by which it lies was on small opening in the township are the of!

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