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We were also extremely impressed with the finished product.” – Managing Director, Construction Company. Founded in 2014, this company has nine employees. Founded in 2012, their team of over 10 serves primarily midmarket businesses in industries such as retail, business services, and consumer products. Our team takes what makes you and your brand special and enhances that through video and photo. The client was happy with the videos, and still uses them as marketing material. Every project is based and aligned with the person’s values, experience and target. It’s great to know how many views your video has had, but there is so much more information you can gather from smart video analytics tools. , winner of three W3 Awards for Design, How to Fuse TV and Social for Blockbuster Advertising Success, The 7 Most Influential Advertising Mediums for 2018, Small Business Advertising Spending in 2019. “They're great to work with, easy to talk to, and flexible in their approach.” – Producer, Broadcasting Channel. We work with broadcasters, brands, businesses, agencies and charities. Are you looking to close a deal (case study or testimonial videos), raise your profile or associate your business with a concept or emotion (brand video), or teach your customers or staff how to do something (explainer or training videos)? They offer logo, web design, games development, and social media marketing services. "I’ve always been pleased working with them. Pulse Pixel created explainer videos for a cybersecurity firm. “The team at JSP Media Group is brilliant. harris&wilde is a video advertising agency in London, England. Animation & Video Production Company. CRFT Video created an explainer video for a sanitary ware manufacturer. Since their founding in 2019, they have provided video production solutions for clients that work in the fields of advertising, consumer products, and business services. “Between the three of them on the shoot they paid attention to every detail and it really shows in the final film.” - Photographer, Photography Company. “We’ve received very high praise from people that we value. Nucco Brain is a visual storytelling studio based in London. Voquent helped a global gaming company with creating more brand awareness. Kartoffel Films is a video and animation agency run by a team of less than 50 founded in 2012. We understand how important it is to get buy-in from stakeholders throughout the corporate video production process. First, they rebuilt a Drupal E-commerce website and built the CMS for the organization. The team’s level of organization and openness to advice made them an ideal partner for long-term engagements. South West Film produced a promotional video for a tree surgeon. "...they also dealt with any minor headaches in a very professional way." , Horizon Interactive Awards - Gold Winner — Senior Marketing Manager, Equipment Manufacturer. Untie Media is a video production company based in London, UK, with a vast range of different options to suit the needs of any client. Our digital strategists will be on hand to assist you with your entire video marketing strategy – from design to planning, implementation, measurement and reporting. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with video, it’s essential to define this, and how you will measure success, before you get started. Established in 2015, Appetite Creative Solutions has a team of 25 employees. They also have a robust proficiency in animation. LTHL WPN. A UK based video production company specialising in documentary production for brands and NGOs. – Senior Creative & Copywriter, Global Gaming Brand. They serve a range of clients, primarily in the entertainment, healthcare, and hospitality industries. Vebu Video Production, founded in 2003, is a creative service agency headquartered in London. A full service video production and communications company for clients in the corporate, public and voluntary sectors in London, throughout the UK, and worldwide. Their goal was to help their client become more digitally focused and appealing to their audience. The agency needed a video for a client that wanted to showcase a manufacturing facility. They also conducted a PR project, allowing customers to participate in a sponsored photo company. Founded in 2009, this company has two employees. – Marketing Head, Regional Police Force. Looking for a video production company? That’s why we are the UK’s top-ranked video production company. is a creative video production company working in partnership with you to transform your communications.. As one of the most innovative video production companies in the UK, our process starts by developing a creative concept for each project. They primarily work with enterprise level clients. Fresh Cut are a leading video production company with production offices in Leeds, Manchester and London. Their speed and flexibility also impressed. Birmingham Video Production. An independent cinema and art centre hired 2020 Media International to produce a promotional video that could help raise funds for the expansion of the centre's facilities that include two new cinema screens and an art gallery. Arms & Legs is a creative studio based in Edinburgh, U.K. “Since publishing the video, we’ve noticed a 10% increase in calls. , Royal Television Society mhf creative produces videos for an events agency. Vermillion Films created videos for a utility company’s B2C campaigns. An equipment manufacturing company wanted to increase its brand visibility through advertising. The agency was impressed by DrakonFX’s quality of work. The company, founded in 1953, has more than 5,800 employees and provides content marketing, branding, email marketing, event marketing & planning, packaging design, social media marketing, and video production services. The video was nominated for multiple awards and garnered lots of positive feedback. GG Media is a sustainable film production company from Shirley, U.K. founded in 2014. “Their project management was central to the seamless execution; things progressed smoothly but never felt rushed. – Marketing Manger, Non-Profit Organization. The highlight of the project was the freeform interviews Topline created to foster a relaxed and non-scripted feel. The team were really good to work with, nothing was a bother and they kept us in the loop with progress. Pulse Pixel is an animated explainer video studio headquartered in Birmingham, U.K. Founded in 2018, they now have about 12 employees who specialize in creating bespoke animation explainer videos for companies in the medical devices, IT and software, cryptocurrency, and financial services industries amongst others. Architect is a digital solutions provider based in San Francisco with a second office in London. Full-Service Video Production Company UK We work in collaboration with creative agencies and brands big and small to produce branded content and television commercials. With nearly ten employees, they provide video production and broadcast video services for enterprise, midmarket, and small businesses. Lost Clock Productions worked with the project musicians and schools to interview the children. Multilingual. What a Story is a visual branding agency founded in 2015. - Marketing Manager, Independent Cinema and Art Centre. With over 50 employees on board, they specialize in video production and translation services for small and mid-sized companies in the advertising, education, and gaming industries. The client has reported significant increases in ROI as a result of this promotional video material. They produced the film and soundtrack, which, following a couple of minor reviews, was completed on time and budget.

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