16 Jan

when did ulawun last erupt

RVO reported that during 7-8 August minor emissions of white vapor rose from Ulawun’s summit crater. Information Contacts: B. Talai, C. McKee, and R. Stewart, RVO; S. Williams and S. Schaefer, Arizona State University. An ash plume from Ulawun was visible on satellite imagery on 22 September at a height of ~3.7 km a.s.l. These produced light ashfalls on the SE side of the volcano. Res., 186: 210-222. Courtesy of the Darwin VAAC. A brief report reaching Port Moresby said there was a heavy lava flow from Mount Ulawan, the highest peak in New Britain. Slightly stronger emissions occurred on 17 and 26 January. After that no more anomalies were detected. "During the eruption, on the 18th and 20th, measurements were made at a number of dry tilt arrays around Ulawun. The main crater produced weak-to-moderate volumes of white and white-gray vapor. A white vapor plume was present throughout September; it appeared to vary in thickness, probably as a result of atmospheric conditions. ASH CLOUD: Very thin plume extends 40 NM to the WSW. Early in this phase, local people reported ash emissions from a site in a gully where the pyroclastic and lava flows had passed. Emissions from the summit crater consisted mainly of white vapour released at moderate rates. The summit crater released white vapours in weak to moderate volume on most days. By first light on 29 September people some distance away from Ulawun were able to see a thick vertical eruption column that rose ~12-15 km above the summit (figure 2). Seismic activity was low during January; the equipment did not operate during February. Information Contacts: Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC), Bureau of Meteorology, Northern Territory Regional Office, PO Box 40050, Casuarina, NT 0811, Australia (URL: http://www.bom.gov.au/info/vaac/); Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO), Geohazards Management Division, Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGM), PO Box 3386, Kokopo, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. This 2002 eruption started with a few signs in December 2000 where there were a few earthquakes/ volcanic tremors in the region that were prolonged. During January and, although less closely monitored, during February, Ulawun continued to release moderate to high volumes of white vapor without any audible sounds. Pilots saw ash "billowing" to about 6 km above the crater during the morning of the 7th. Question: When did Glacier Peak last erupt? Synonyms of features appear indented below the primary name. The areas most affected by ash and scoria fall were between Navo (W) and Saltamana Estate (NW). The plume was larger than normal (about 300 m high) and extended 5-10 km from the summit. They were described as not moving quickly down the volcano's flanks. This phase was slower and more gradual, peaking at about 1800-2000 on the 29th. During past eruptions, pyroclastic flows also followed the same gullies down from the cone's 2,300 m summit elevation. Helicorder readings indicated that tremor level was fairly constant from the 6th until the end of the month. There was almost continuous weak glow from the crater at night. Activity fluctuated between 250 and 430 units until 10 May, after which there was a further decline, reaching and remaining steady at a near-background level of ~50-70 units between 13-15 May. Ulawun Volcano, Papau New Guinea, one of the "Decade Volcanoes" There was some discussion earlier about the so-called "Decade Volcanoes", so I … Tremor rapidly became strong and continuous. Diffuse steam-and-ash plumes drifting SW. Weak to moderate amounts of white vapour continued to be released from the summit crater. McKee, C.O., 1983. Emissions released from the summit crater were mostly weak to moderate white vapours, that were occasionally moderate to strong. A short plume was visible at ~ 3 km altitude during 22-27 June, and on 27 June a pilot reported that the plume extended 37 km.

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