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when was darjeeling gifted to the british

Apparently, Lt. General Lloyd identified the potential of Darjeeling to be turned into a … Dr. Campbell brought Chinese tea seeds in 1841 from the Kumaon region and started growing tea on an experimental basis near his residence at Beechwood, Darjeeling. The lease as per the Deed of Grant was granted on 1 February 1835 and runs as follows: "The Governor-General having expressed his desire for the possession of the hills of Darjeeling on account of its cool climate, for the purpose of enabling the servants of his Government, suffering from sickness, to avail themselves of its advantages, I the Sikkimputtee Rajah out of friendship for the said Governor-General, hereby present Darjeeling to the East India, that is, all the land south of the Great Runjeet river, east of the Balasur, Kahail and Little Runjeet rivers, and west of the Rungpo and Mahanadi rivers."[4]. In 1780, the Gorkhas actually captured Sikkim. This hill town was developed in the mid 19th century, when the British set up a sanatorium and a military depot in Darjeeling. Narendra Modi gifted Queen Elizabeth II a set of memorable photographs, special Darjeeling tea, and honey from Jammu and Kashmir as the British monarch hosted a luncheon banquet in his honour. The relation deteriorated to such an extent that when Dr. Campbell and the eminent explorer Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker were touring in Sikkim in 1849, they were suddenly captured and imprisoned. He was in charge of administration and also for handling the political relationship with Sikkim. On 18 June 1829, Lloyd communicated to the government regarding the possibility of Darjeeling serving as a sanatorium, while about the same time Grant also urged the government to acquire the tract. It is said that it was formerly a place of worship of the Rongs where three stone stand erect (Lung-Chok) till today. Before this, Darjeeling was the ancient Gorkha capital. After Treaty of Titalia… • British started to increase their influence in Sikkm • In 1835, British forced the Bhutia rulers of Sikkim to gift Darjeeling as a Sanatorium • Englishmen were facing problems due to the hot humid climate and wanted to getaway to a cooler nearer station for vacation.. 60. Meanwhile relationship with Sikkim started to deteriorate. What little cultivation there was, had been abandoned."[2]. General Lloyd was given the responsibility to negotiate a lease of the area from the Chogyal of Sikkim. But in their spree to capture land after land, they unwittingly stepped into the toes of the British East India Company. Before this, Darjeeling was the ancient Gorkha capital. Collectively there are 87 "tea-gardens” in this tiny region that create the tea equivalent of an appellation of French wine. More than a fallout between the two ethnic groups, it was basically a race for the prized throne. But it didn't happen overnight. But soon the soil would get barren and within a year or two another part of forest would be targeted. In 1881, the famous. There is a long history associated with Darjeeling and its development. Following a lot of pressure from the British, Sikkim finally gifted Darjeeling to British India on the understanding that a certain amount would be … First, large forested areas were brought under cultivation. Scottish missionaries undertook the construction of schools and welfare centres for the British residents: Loreto Convent in 1847, St. Paul's School in 1864, Planters' Club in 1868, Lloyd's Botanical Garden in 1878, St. Joseph's School in 1888, Railway Station in 1891, and Town Hall (present Municipality Building) in 1921. This hill town was developed in the mid 19th century, when the British set up a sanatorium and a military depot in Darjeeling. Later, the Maharaja of Sikkim gifted Darjeeling to the British. Over the years Darjeeling has gone through several other elections like assembly elections as well as local elections that included municipality, panchayat, erstwhile Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC), Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) etc. The first Hydro-Electrical power plant in India was built in Darjeeling. Before this, Darjeeling was the ancient Gorkha capital. The new party accepted the GTA (Gorkha Territorial Administration) after certain years from both the center and the state Government of West Bengal which it believes that the demarcation of land including the Tarai and Doors with Darjeeling and Kalimpong district are formed for better administrative purpose . On 10 February 1817, the British returned the land area between the Mechi and Teesta to the Sikkimese Chogyal under the Treaty of Titalia.[1].

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