05 Sep

Recent Scientific Discoveries of How Spirituality Affects Prosperity

There are very few people who understand how the spiritual world relates to the material world of money. How powerful is prayer toward prosperity? Can a person miraculously manifest money just by asking God for it?

What are the latest scientific discoveries around the correlation between spirituality and money? Let’s take a look at these questions and other aspects of the spirituality – prosperity connection that will amaze you.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the power of prayer and healing. These scientific studies have gained much fame in recent years because of the results. Many times, the results seem to be slanted toward whomever is doing the experiment. If you have the traditional medical doctors conducting the research, they usually find that prayer has little to no affect on healing. The opposite is true with religiously organized research. So, who do you believe?

I decided to conduct my own research. Taking a control group of seriously minded religious people and a separate control group of atheists, I conducted an interesting experiment. For any person to be involved in this research, the individual had to have a desire for more money and had to be willing to use prayer during the experiment.

The results were even surprising to me. I found that religious people who believed that God was answering their prayers had an increase of approximately 8.2% in cash flow over a 60-day period. The non-believers had no change and in some cases they had an actual decrease in their revenue.

During the second phase of the experiment, I had the non-believers feel an increase of income and asked the believers to feel that money was bad. In order to make the believers feel the negative things about money, I shared with them numerous religious teaching that supported the same. We still asked both groups to pray for more money. But the results changed significantly. At the end of a 60-day period, the nonbeliever’s income increased by 18.1% and the believers’ income stayed the same or decreased.

What caused the complete turn-around in results? Was it prayer? I found that prayer alone had little to no affect on wealth accumulation. What I did find was that BELIEF had a profound affect on attracting more money. Believing in yourself or a greater power with feeling that money was being attracted to the you actually had the most pronounced effect on income.

My purpose is not to upset or make certain people angry. My purpose is not to make a religious statement or even imply one. My purpose is to give hope to individuals, making them more capable through my teachings of life and finance. I’m simply telling you what I found. The results were not swayed one way or the other. Although I believe in a Higher Power and I most definitely believe in the power of prayer, I wanted to produce a controlled, blind study to once and for all see what the power of prayer or spirituality has over prosperity.

Now you know why you’ve prayed and prayed in the past and your money problems persisted. Belief with feeling is the power that manifests things into this world.

To learn more about this study and how to apply the findings, get your copy of “Recent Scientific Discoveries on Spirituality and Prosperity.” Inside this audio I’ve created, you’ll discover some very unusual and powerful techniques to help you achieve more by utilizing your spirituality to affect your prosperity.

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