Remember! Use Your Body’s Secret Power to Remember Better


Do you always remember what you were talking about? Short-term memory and remembering can be difficult! None of us walk around with teleprompters floating in front of our eyes. How often have you been talking to someone, and you completely forgot the point you were going to make? Or you were traveling and you forgot where you were going, or what the directions or landmarks were. We all experience memory loss, especially in our short-term memory. It’s a human condition! And as the world becomes more and more complicated, and as our minds get innudated with more and more information, the times we “just forget” are going to increase.

Here is a simple trick — based on the physical makeup of our head, skull, and brain — that will help you remember, even when you’ve forgotten!

In this video, there is a simple trick that takes advantage of our anatomy to help us remember. As humans, we have a high forehead. That is because our brains are enlarged. When we forget, there are two things we need to do, to help us remember:

1) Remain calm. As we panic, fear sets in, our electrical connections in our brain go haywire, and we will have a much more difficult time with our memory. Remaining calm allows us to remember more quickly.
2) Tilt our heads forward. This pushes more blood into our brain, and helps us activate our memory.

Even when we can’t remember immediately, doing these calming exercises, and physically moving our head (and brain), and then saying “It will come to me in a minute!” allows us to remain calm. Then, as we start talking about other things, our brains will activate and we will remember what we were forgetting.

So the next time you find that you’re forgetting what you’re talking about, or where you’re going, or what you’re doing, simply relax, tilt your head forward, breathe deeply, and then … remember!

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