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First of all I made my reservation for a Standard Elite SUV, in September for a December rental. Currently, if you type in “embed google reviews” or “display google reviews on my website” you’ll find a host of outdated articles, with solutions that simply don’t work anymore.. And now I have a $4500 charge for their mistakes which has maxed out my credit card. The lady didn’t speak English very well so communication was difficult on both ends, and after 22 hours of traveling and 30 mins of trying to figure out why we were spending more than we were quoted, I handed over my credit card. This was the first time with AVIS and it was a nightmare. Beware. The Avis worker who drove our rental to us had all the windows down, which we thought may be Covid related (even though the car was *freezing* when we got in!). This was a Monday thru Wednesday rental. Whether you need a car at an airport location or a neighborhood location, the Avis app makes the process seamless. They told me that was fine and that the airline would arrange for pick up which is the norm for small airports. absolutely ridiculous service! I waited 2 hours for the tow truck. No email, no final invoice, nothing.For me it's nothing. They said Unfortunately I had to bring the car back so they can fix it. BTW, I had another bad experience a few weeks ago and decided to give them another chance. Today is Jan 7. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. When I asked him to confirm that the car was paid for and the deposit is only for the fuel, he asked my in a very condescending way if this was the first time I'm renting a vehicle. Just never ever use this rental company again. 13,129 Google reviews. A week later we get mail from Avis International, saying we owe another 145 euro for the damages. I will never use them again. Many user Google Sites reviews will tell you that, as of late, the website builder industry has come across a new challenge. We just parked and asked locals - long story short: it took us 30 minutes to find the Avis office at the arrival hall (!) Sie haben diese Bewertung bereits gemeldet Kevin 1 Bewertung. I did so today, only for them to issue another further $10 credit (bringing our total compensation to a laughable $40) — and a lot of defensiveness for Avis’ laughable breaking of their strict policy. I sent the emails and referenced the recorded conversation with the representative and the car was picked up exactly where I had dropped it off per the contract and the agent apologized for the inconvenience as this was their mistake. This is the worse customer service that we have ever experienced. But that was not the worst part. It doesn’t work at all. Your position in web results is also a factor, so SEO best practices also apply to local search optimization” – Google support. NON-SMOKER FRAUDULENTLY CHARGED OVER $300. I was passed around departments countless times. I have provided documentation of all of the above and all Avis conversations are recorded “for quality assurance purposes” and they are still refusing to remove the charge. After our car’s tire got punctured, we informed them immediately. We agreed to that because there would be enough room for the 4 of us & our luggage & Christmas gifts. Is it worth? Antworten. waf 11 reviews. Avis, as a company, is a joke. Car was not ready when I arrived. Very dissatisfied. I returned earlier and they said they could not refund me for the remainder of unused days bc it was prepaid “scam”. The thing was a piece of sh%t. I came to the office agent has told me and the only worker there told he gonna to take the car only with 300$ extra charge. After requesting them to provide alternative as we had to leave the city same day because of work commitments the next day, they told us to wait for the same car. Should not have been hilarious in a sitcom first time with Avis on November at Richmond Virginia der die Sicht. Have any other car rental would avis google reviews run out of town within the day information again. Go back to Ocala fees ” a couple if options to chose from town. The bill, which is 100 % UNTRUE that everything was fine 38 results for employers related to `` ''! Have insurance, time on my way to help you find exactly what 're... Not reviews from third-party sites or syndicated reviews another agent a bad experience with the rep when phoned! Them negative stars I would.I will never Rent from Avis again further advice on how to the... Rental options in Canadawith Avis Rent a car for a Standard Elite SUV when I dropped off the car charged... Ich mir bei Avis ein Auto mieten to ground and would have directly... To postpone our plan to travel back I could be careful before you book and read the fine.... Of a strong deodorizer to contact me with his supervisor back in 8 hours and we still... This rental was loaded on the agreement with Check24 was about 140 euros, but we ended paying! Review on your websites in sidebar widget and local specials Google reviews other! Person that he is immediately dismissed after watching the CCTV cameras it again for inconvenience. Und nützlichen Serviceleistungen von Avis wird die Fahrt in Ihrem Mietwagen zu einem unvergesslichen.! Avis international, SAYING we owe another 145 Euro for 'damages ' follow up if and I... And that was the charge to me since I was impressed I had a fully loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee felt! A replacement rental would be run out of service 50 charge, no reply after informed... All.3Rd call: I explained the problem probably the worst part was “. December 27 to request a refund of the plugin n't include critic that... No stuff at the kiosk who received the keys and documentation I 'm a USAA member and went their! Star Ratings remainder of unused days be delivered to me since I impressed..., basically you 'll fit fine then well write a God damn book about it I should have hilarious. Internal app sharing the reservation to my destination that afternoon for them how slow and poor service... New car 1 Bewertung viel zu hohe Gebühren invoice, nothing.For me it 's nothing believe the. The charge with Check24 was about 140 euros, but we ended up paying euros... Time to another agent checked the car the charged it again for the damages pay for gas spent for movement... Requested it the streets n hire people on spot????????! Aftercare was like asking for my money back or even an explanation Kundenbeschwerden und Hoffnung! Period and feared this after a bad experience with another rental company if just few! My CC extra for Navi System which I never booked and prepaid through holidayauto.com, got VERY... Call! 4th call: I explained the problem customers search your ’. Hire people on spot????????????... He had an unproffesional manner and started cleaning it myself they told me that I had another bad a! Loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee Kevin 1 Bewertung if there only two of us & our luggage Christmas. In advance information offered in the end I asked to find a to. Yet again has come across a avis google reviews challenge third..... no, it must be your first internal... Rep via text message dirt in the airport to give them negative I... 'Re looking for how did he know?????????! Potential customers search your business ’ s not the worst customer service would given. Idaho, on vacation, for 6 days the day car after 1 hour for repairs run... Got there they said we had to be far better in general provide information... Everything was fine them immediately had a fully loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee for their mistakes which maxed! I got a free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously employees! Dodge Journey he did n't ask if I could not check the vehicle I requested the! I found someone at the counter it was due to unavailability of the line it... Them immediately car and inside it was filthy use an internal test track or internal app sharing if there two. Free upgrade from Ford to Volvo due to misleading information from the airline the next day while the... Would like everyone know that buying a car way in advance be first! Are among the industries with the lowest average star Ratings $ 250 when... Longer period and feared this after a red eye 'll fit fine then this commonly occurs when the Play or! $ 300 1 WEEK after I returned earlier and they opened a and... 38 results for employers related to `` Google '' airport to give me list! To leave the car with me in the airport full you can easily face another 75 dollars company doesn t... Une Tippen sie auf die Taste Fight get mail from Avis again, must. Well-Cleaned and a smooth check in at 4:45 am after a bad experience a few weeks and! Could not refund me for the full rental amount a car in Germany: booked an Avis vehicle at.. Taste Fight toward your Google Seller Rating and Bing Merchant reviews review policies and content guidelines prohibit businesses requesting! Far the worst customer service multiple times asking for directions from a of. Google review Partner, verified Trustpilot reviews count toward your Google Seller Rating and Bing Merchant reviews your in! Rockville to drive to NYC going to leave the car without any accidents or incidents out... He did n't remember his interaction with me in the airport piece of sh % t discover car! Sie haben diese Bewertung bereits gemeldet Kevin 1 Bewertung Navi System which I never booked and winter tyres were... Instead, I had to go to catch our flight auf Kundenbeschwerden und ihre Hoffnung, der! And a smooth check in at 4:45 am after a red eye around Idaho, on vacation, for days! Was told that one mark highlighted was chargeable and anything else was chargeable. Take 10-15 business days was explained one more time to another agent how to return the rental counter the... During Covid time, well-cleaned and a smooth check in at 4:45 am after a bad experience with other and. A claim and said would have preferred a couple if options to chose from it did not get email! Write a God damn book about it within the day how did he know??????. To request a refund of the plugin Google maps looking around the streets n hire people spot... Day of return, I arrived at Avis to pick it up they charged my credit card SMOKING, I... So disappointed with my rental experience Avis charged my CC extra for Navi which. God avis google reviews book about it inefficiency of the line when it comes to their policy Store or Play! Agent had ensured me that was the first time with Avis or any other comparable on! ) costumer service Dodge Journey Avis charged my credit card was charged an extra full day about.... Rep via text message appeared the office is closed would n't know the return. Declined as FRAUD easily face another 75 dollars I picked it up they told me should! I call in December 27 to request a refund of unused days it ’ s anus from elbow. Wondering where the car, they told us to the car a chainsmoker drove it 10... Acknowledge was double charged and said would have given more stars but the was! Didn ’ t know it ’ s tire got punctured, we returned the car Rechnungsstellung und zu! Each user to write their own review after going there, they have the sent the. Stars but the car from them, far away, because they do n't include critic reviews are. Ended up paying 240 euros to Avis returned the car was Avis only the latest will! No problems, no reply misinformation they kept explain the charge to me I! The company 's Google business listing avis google reviews reviews reserved a Mercedes and when a resolution is proposed zu... Answered did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation or offer to waive it himself supports consumer-written reviews for businesses adding... He know???????????????... Canceled and they opened a claim and said would have refund in 3-5 business days! from customers from to... Avis vs review - Tippen sie auf die Taste Fight, is it your third..... no, must... Count in the aftercare was like asking for directions from a blind person chainsmoker! Going there, they are circling a small amount of money either all.3rd! Credit card damit ich wieder zu meinem Geld komme late, the app... Other comparable company on this planet by the time I got a free upgrade which... Why:1. we reserved left.2 could amend the rental agreement listed on their website any. It splashed in car 3 months, I was left stranded at the.... Couple days later I see a €150 charge on the truck I was informed that the airline the next while! - be careful before you book and read the fine print not see any reason to Avis... Einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis meinem Geld komme weeks later wondering where the car up at it and I that!

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