16 Jan

best time to visit sweden for northern lights

Generally, northern lights appear in early September in the far north of Sweden. Northern Lights hotels and tourism are booming, and the best evidence of that is the number of people flying to the extreme latitudes of our planet every year to chase the magical Aurora Borealis. Ever wondered when was the best time to see the Northern Lights? The last flash of aurora borealis in the country can be witnessed in late March and once in a blue even in early April. Best time to see the Northern Lights. Other activities to enjoy. You weren’t to dance, sing or whistle at them for fear they would feel disrespected and the lights would dip down and carry you off to the afterlife. Typically, an ideal amount of time within the Arctic Circle is around 8-10 days. These are Time, Location and Place. Visit Sweden between December 6th and January 6th to experience the Polar nights and the Northern Lights together. Winter/Spring – February and March: Late winter is a classic time to come see the northern lights. Although you never know for sure if you see aurora or not, Abisko is famous for the clear skies and is deemed to be one of the most adorable spots for visitors to witness the miracle of aurora borealis. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, appear during the beginning of September in and around Kiruna in the far north of Sweden. Porjus is a tiny northern village, with about 400 inhabitants and is the desired spot for viewing aurora borealis in Sweden. Generally, northern lights appear in early September in the far north of Sweden. Time Another tiny northern village, Porjus, with merely 400 inhabitants, is a coveted spot for viewing the Northern Lights in Sweden. Polar lights is a natural phenomenon​ that creates magical sights and emotions for anyone around. The Abisko Northern Lights can be seen anywhere between September and early April and the dark skies of Abisko and the surrounding area are a great place to spend the night searching for them. Your best chance of catching a glimpse of the northern lights is on cold winter nights when the sky is clear, dark with little to no moonlight, and cloudless. And by January, when winter is all around Sweden, the northern lights can be seen throughout the large expanse of land in the northwest of Sweden. The sky comes alive as streaks of pinks, greens and purples dance high above. The best time to see the Northern Lights is between December and March in Scandinavia, but they can be seen as early as August in Canada. If you’re seeking the excellent northern Swedish experience, head to the lovely village of Jukkasjärvi. 3 Factors for when the Best Time to see the Northern Lights is. The south is not as magical as the north as it has unpleasant weather and storms. Away from the city lights, in the stillness of nature, you can rent a cabin and enjoy the dancing light show from your front porch with a warm glass of mulled wine (glögg) in your hand. As dark skies are one of the key factors for spotting the northern lights, the best time of day to look for them is at night. And, Iceland is one of the best places to see the infamous light show, especially if you don’t want to go as far as northern Sweden or Lofoten Island in Norway. January is probably the best time to visit Sweden if you want to experience the perks of Swedish winter, but avoid crowds. There is nowhere else in the world where you can sit around the campfire with a Sami guide, sharing stories of the day’s dog sledding adventure. You can see the northern lights in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but not Denmark; Visit between October and March for the best chance to see the aurora; Norway has the most spectacular scenery, but can be expensive to visit; Sweden and Finland both offer quirky accommodation, from igloo-style cabins to hotels made of ice

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