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chinese contraceptive pink pill side effects

“For me the only side-effects I experienced are the good ones,” says Jane Maingi, a housewife in Nairobi. The Contraceptive Pill. The Health Service Executive advises women to consider changing their pill after a few months if any side effects they experience do not lessen and eventually stop. She says the pill, which isn’t legal in Zambia, caused heavy bleeding. None of my clients have come back to complain.”. Osur says the drugs are probably imported as herbal medicine or supplements and that is why they have never come under the radar of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. PO Box 42557 Jane Phiri, a 32-year-old mother of four, says she experienced heavy bleeding when she tried the pill. Chibwe warns women not to accept medication that they can’t discuss with a doctor. “The registration process is very stringent and thorough. Oral contraceptive pills are adopted by worldwide women. Some of the women who have used the pill confirm these findings. From side-effects to future fertility, we answer your most common contraceptive pill questions. Ludovic Mwape, the public relations officer at Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority. What if they make her bleed? “How can I be selling something that is illegal?” says Zhai, who claimed to be a doctor but refused to give GPJ his full name. And speaking at the same function, Smart Zambia Institute National Coordinator, who is also Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Martine Mtonga said improving ICTs infrastructure is an effective and efficient way of running the country’s economy. The once-a-month contraceptive pill has been used in China since the 1960s. Mothers reported feeling pregnant all the time, while others went into depression. Mood swings 7. The contraceptive pill can cause side effects - it's a well-known fact. “I wonder how this pill is administered because most of our women can’t read Chinese and communication with the Chinese doctors is limited, so how do you take something that you don’t understand?” Chibwe says. I decided to try the Chinese pill because I was told it was herbal. We’ll go over the mild and more serious side effects of the pill. Annete Akinyi, a Busia businesswoman, says she has been on the pill for 10 years. she asks. “People selling herbal medicine are registered under the Department of Cultural Services. His cousin told him about Freshmark, the fresh produce procurement arm of Shoprite, and so a mutually beneficial business relationship started, which fuelled the growth of his business, ECM Farms, managed these days by his daughter, Mazuba Mweemba Songwe. Irregular periods 3. “The fact that the language on the package is in Chinese confirms that the pill has not been approved,” Mwape says. Weight gainor water retention 4. In one of the larger trials of Quin-Ng pills, each of the side effects (depression, breast tenderness, pigmentation, hair loss, lack of libido, insomnia, blurred eyesight, increased body weight and edema) occurred at rates hovering between 2% and 5% in the first 6 months of use, with pigmentation complaints increasing to 10% towards the end of 1 year of use . Society president Jerome Kanyika says investigations have revealed that while members of the public have a view that the preparation is herbal and free from side effects, the pill is in fact not herbal but a high dose of combined hormonal contraceptives containing quinesterol 3miligrams and levonogesterol 6miligrams per tablet. When you first start the pill, it's common to experience continuous bleeding or spotting between your periods. A friend introduced her to a contraceptive, sold in Chinese clinics in Lusaka, that could be taken just once each month. She says while she was on the pill, she made several visits to her gynaecologist and got a clean bill of health each time. Dr Joachim Osur, the technical director of reproductive, maternal and child health at Amref, says the Health ministry has no control over the so-called herbal contraceptives because they are not registered under the ministry.

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