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contraceptive sponge advantages and disadvantages

Unlike the condom the contraceptive sponge. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Other advantages of the sponge include: Portability ; Use during breastfeeding ; Multiple uses out of one sponge within a certain timeframe ; Neither partner can feel it ; Because the sponge can be inserted hours before sex, the act does not need to stop in order to get contraceptives The sponge also blocks the cervix so sperm can't pass. [Advantages and disadvantages of each contraceptive method] [Advantages and disadvantages of each contraceptive method] Contracept Fertil Sex (Paris). This acts as a barrier to prevent semen from entering the cervix3. If you put a sponge birth control correctly the sponge will completely cover the cervix. 1986 Nov;14(11):1007-11. The Low-down on Birth Control and Where You Can Get It. Removal has been made easier by the addition of a woven polyester loop which can be more easily grasped with the fingers. Not contraindicated by any condition exception latex allergy, in which other materials (such as polyurethane) can be used, with similar efficiency rate. Lashkari, Cashmere. So, you are saved from popping a pill every night, or wearing a condom every time you have sex with your long-term partner. If you find that the sponge is uncomfortable, check directions again. Lea's Shield is a new vaginal barrier contraceptive that may offer advantages over existing methods. The main advantages of this method of contraception include the following: Convenience and ease of use. Advantages and disadvantages. It is a mushroom shaped polyurethane disposable sponge. Thirty-two out of 100 women who have children will become pregnant in the first year of use. Protect against the microbes. Other potential problems with the birth control sponge include: Women may also find that the sponge is hard to insert or messy. This contraceptive is a synthetic sponge that is soaked with spermicide. Unlike many hormonal birth control methods, there is no "waiting" period for your body to readjust itself. Essure is an example of a fallopian tube occlusion, where a flexible insert is placed into each fallopian tube. Advantages of Birth Control Pills. It is easily reversible so if a woman decides to get pregnant she simply stops using it. With practice, inserting and removing the sponge will become simple. What are the advantages of using the contraceptive sponge? It is used only at the time of sexual intercourse. Unlike hormonal forms of contraception this is one form of contraception that can be used immediately. It further acts by killing sperm due to its Spermicide content. The Sponge consists of a soft, circular device usually made from polyurethane foam and is required to be fitted over the cervix. The sponges are inserted vaginally prior to intercourse and must be placed over the cervix to be effective. Other barriers like condoms and sponges are disposable — you use it once and throw it away. Like other barrier , the contraceptive sponge also physically prevents the union of the male sperm and female egg. Any lubricant used should be compatible with a spermicide or it will make the sponge ineffective. Copyright © 2018 WomenHealthZone.com • All rights reserved. Three brands are marketed: Pharmatex, Protectaid and Today. Pharmatex is marketed in France and the province of Quebec; Protectaid in the rest of Canada and Europe; and Today in the United States. Advantages and disadvantages. Pros. Proper use of the birth control patch protects against unwanted pregnancy in 99 percent of cases. Its foam-like texture makes it more comfortable than a diaphragm, and once the sponge is in place, you won’t be able to feel it. The contraceptive sponge may be inserted deep into the vagina before sex. If you cannot remove the sponge or it breaks, seek a physician's help immediately. Unlike the condom the contraceptive sponge offers no protection against sexually transmitted diseases, and so it cannot be used as a form of STI prevention. Side Effects of Abortion Pill in Teenagers, Side Effects of Contraceptive Pills for Women. Non-Hormonal Birth Control Methods: Male Condom. Pharmatex is marketed in France and the province of Quebec; Protectaid in the … If you decide you want to become pregnant, the only thing you need to do is discontinue use of the sponge. Sponges do NOT protect you from STDS. Removal has been made easier by the addition of a woven polyester loop which can be more easily grasped with the fingers. Always read the directions included in the packaging. It is safe to use while breastfeeding. Please help us improve. Cons. Using the birth control sponge may be the best way for you to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptive Sponge. Depending on the type of contraception, they may convey a decreased risk of STI transmission. Although it does not protect against HIV, AIDS, or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the sponge gives women a non-hormonal option of birth control. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The male condom is a latex cover that prevents the passage of sperm into the uterus. The Disadvantages of Birth Control Pills. No prescription required means that couples who use this method can purchase the sponge at any time without the hassle of a doctor's visit. Insertion can be done hours before a sexual encounter occurs; always leave the sponge in for six hours after intercourse. It contains a spermicide called nonoxynol-9. How It Works. a. typically prevents ovulation b. is not as effective as other contraceptive methods c. reduces the length of a period d. interferes with future fertility. Made famous by Seinfeld's character Elaine for deeming men "spongeworthy," the popular Today brand is now back on the market after a 10-year hiatus. Sponges provide no protection from sexually transmitted infections. there is no big need to see a doctor before using the sponge; can be inserted up to an hour before sex, effective for 24 hours; with each wearing wearer can have intercourse an unlimited number of times. All forms of IUDs have more benefits than risks, making it one of the safest, most advantageous forms of birth control today. Inserting the product may cause infections of the vagina area. The ... contraceptive sponge, or female condom as their primary method of contraception, and fewer than 1% have ever used a cervical cap. For example, you should take the pill every day but the patch is stuck only once a week. All Rights Reserved. It covers the cervix. This condition may cause fever, shock, and organ damage. A woman should know all the aspects related to the implant and its effects before choosing this contraceptive method. Every cervical sponge has an attached cloth loop which makes it convenient to pull it out. Barrier contraception prevents pregnancy by stopping the male’s sperm from coming into contact with the female’s ovum. It is used only at the time of sexual intercourse. What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Female & Male Sterilization? Types, advantages and disadvantages. By Amy Hoover. Like many other types of birth control, the contraceptive sponge is not without risk, and has it disadvantages. Spermicide inside the sponge helps make sperm immobile and kill them. This is a synthetic sponge that’s impregnated with spermicide. Birth control sponges do not cause discomfort during sex. It should be placed high up in the vagina with concave side covering the cervix and should be kept for 6 hours in the vagina after intercourse. 14 August, 2017 . Additionally, it can be placed by the woman herself. Advantages. According to Planned Parenthood, in the first year of use 16 out of 100 women will become pregnant if they have not previously had a child. [Article in French] Author H Leridon. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Contraceptive Implant. These advantages and disadvantages apply to both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs. It is available in drugstores without a prescription. One of its advantages is its effectiveness, as long as women use it correctly. Sponges can provide contraception for multiple acts of intercourse over a 24 hour period, but … [Advantages and disadvantages of each contraceptive method] [Advantages and disadvantages of each contraceptive method] Contracept Fertil Sex (Paris). Disadvantages: no protection against sexually transmitted diseases; purely effective; side effects may be dangerous; limited availability; For women who cannot take hormone-based birth control for health reasons, this is a less risky contraceptive method. © 2006-2021 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. (2019, February 26). The partner doesn’t feel it. Advantages and Disadvantages of the IUD All forms of IUDs have more benefits than risks, making it one of the safest, most advantageous forms of birth control today. Contents. Any questions regarding the birth control sponge or other methods of birth control should be discussed with your physician. Some women may reject this method of birth control because of the following factors: There is no requirement for medical prescription (unlike other barrier methods such as the cervical cap). Disadvantages of injectable contraceptives There are few disadvantages of injectable contraceptive too and as it is injectable one, it cant be withdrawn, so these side effects of progesterone have to be tolerated till the progestogenic effect is over. Female sterilization is a procedure that involves general or regional anesthesia. Advantages of contraceptive sponge. To remove the sponge, simply pull down on the small loop at the bottom of the sponge. Once inserted, a IUD prevents pregnancy for 5 years or even more. Bone mineral density during long-term use of the progestagen contraceptive implant Implanon compared to a non-hormonal method of contraception. A disadvantage of the contraceptive sponge is it _____ asked Sep 14, 2015 in Interdisciplinary Studies by Bubbalous. The sponge can actually increase your risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections because the spermicide in sponges can irritate your vagina and make it easier for STD germs to enter your body. One of its advantages is its rate of effectiveness, which is between 89% and 91%. Birth control pills have a number of advantages in comparison with other methods to prevent pregnancy: This is a very safe method of contraception: the majority of birth control pills give you a 99 % guarantee that you won’t get pregnant. There are three types of fallopian tube blockages — proximal (near the uterus), medial (in the middle of the tube), and distal (at the end of the tube). Because having a vaginal birth makes the sponge less effective, the numbers rise for women who have had children. It is safe to use while breastfeeding. The sponge can also be difficult to remove from the vagina. It is possible the insertion was not done correctly. The sponge is generally an effective birth control. It does not affect future fertility for either the woman or the man. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Combined Pill. Easily Accessible and Inexpensive ; Hormone-Free and Works Immediately ; Irritation ; Doesn't Protect Against HIV and STDs ; Warning ; Written by Therese Pope . Contraceptive Sponge The contraceptive sponge is places into the vagina aligning the cervix3. Some women find that the use of such sponges is uncomfortable since it requires insertion into the vagina and side effects could include headaches, increased appetite, and, very rarely, blood clots. NuvaRing does not interfere with having sex and can allow for more spontaneity than a diaphragm or sponge —you can have sex whenever you want while protecting against pregnancy (but not against STDs; a condom is still necessary).

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