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star ocean 5 private actions answers

Anne is frustrated with Emmerson. Anne is a good candidate. Relia is recovering some vague memories of playing with someone in her past. Official Strategy Gain the Combat Advantage in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Introduction 2. Fiore and Miki discuss food, and Fiore's mentor's sayings about it. Miki and Emmerson talk about cooking. Fiore and Anne discuss love and relationships from a scientific perspective. Miki and Relia are both pretending to be cats. Anne tells her about her grandmother, who could drink Emmerson under the table. If you tell her you remember...first off, that's obviously a lie - and second, she's hugely turned off. Over 100 and they will be easier to discover compared to past Star Ocean games. Most characters will say the same thing every time you enter, but you'll also have certain events that will only occur once; I call these one-time PAs. The Ethereal Queen has 3-4 times as many HP as Gabriel Celeste - the next strongest enemy - on every iteration. Anne fails at understanding the advice... Fiore shares her mentor's wisdom with Emmerson about drinking, but can't seem to make up her mind quite how to apply said wisdom. Emmerson has been giving Relia bad advice. Anne scolds Emmerson for drinking on duty. Fidel obviously would like to say something, but doesn't get up the nerve. But they don't seem to love her. But know that this does completely eliminate any challenge from even the most difficult fights. Sticking with her mystery man fetish, Fiore is most intrigued if you tell her it's not for her to know. Emmerson doesn't do his own cooking. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Emmerson compliments Fiore on her sexy outfit. She sees herself settling down in the future and being completely different from how she is now. Someone This PA becomes available during Chapter 4, involves Relia, and can only be triggered before learning of Feria’s existence. Fiore is confident Victor will protect her. If you tell him you're jealous of him, the two will share a creepy Barney Stinson moment. Miki has never heard of drinking cold tea and is surprised by its existence. Her HP grows by a ridiculous amount on the 2nd and 3rd iterations. Miki tells Victor a story of how her and Fidel got lost in the wilderness when they were children. Miki gives Relia some bad advice that most girls probably get at some point. Are they insane?! She showed Miki. Ted grills Miki on her ability to help Fidel out, but when Miki questions him, it turns out Ted's the one who hasn't been training. No discussions open for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness at the moment. Fiore is surprised that Relia has been growing on her. The best answer is to say that it's inevitable for children to be selfish. Victor has issues with Fiore's clothes, but Fiore won't give him time to voice his opinion. Miki tells Fiore that she doesn't really like cooking - she likes eating. But eventually gives her some decent advice. Relia wants to know who you think is most popular between Fidel, Victor, and Emmerson. Victor asks Fidel if he'd make his kids eat spinach. Then since you can't take any damage from enemies, you can throw caution to the wind with roles like Berserker, which greatly increases your ATK, but reduces your defense to less than nothing, and anything else to boost up your damage and by extension, your healing. When Relia first joins your party in Chapter 3. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. she's. In either case, make sure at least one of your spellcasters is far away from the Ethereal Queen before going back to Fidel to continue the hit and run strategy. Miki wants both. Kitties will just have nothing to do with her. When standing near a town where a PA is available, press the to initiate the PA. Emmerson is embarrassed. Probably because she isn't drunk. Anne is bad at doing laundry and thinks magic might be responsible for her colors bleeding. Until she starts talking about how she 'loves Fiddly'. Additionally, some Private Actions are not so private. Sal Romano Mar 18, 2016 at 12:28 AM EDT 39 Comments 0 Learn some of the intricacies of the Star Ocean 5 synthesis system. Victor's memories are mostly of playing with bugs as a child. Her lower HP means Dead Man Walking will do less damage to her, and with her higher ATK, there are a myriad of ways to make her absorb HP with her attacks. Hello and welcome to Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness for the PS4! Fiore tells Fidel that he's handsome. She misses the feel of fresh sun dried clothes. Also in this episode: musing about the surprising old scholness of this game. A group party action that I saw in Myiddok, could show up in Central Resulia, or somewhere in a dungeon for you. I've seen PA's that other people have reported in Chapter 1 not showing up until Chapter 3, and PA's others report in Chapter 7 showing up in Chapter 4. ), shortened PA, in Star Ocean and its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure. When Relia first joins your party in Sthal in Chapter 3. Fiore asks Miki if she wants a nice guy, or a dependable guy. It isn't too catchy. Miki goes a little overboard - and an obesity problem is born... Emmerson claims to know about a drink that won't give you a hangover. The most difficult thing about this fight is trying to end the fight will all of your party members on their feet. Take a look through the entries below to find information on why you need to complete your Bestiary, how to avoid enemy attacks, the advantage of switching to a different character class when you are mid-way through the game and how you can get to view all … Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers ... this page from www.SuperCheats.com. Sometimes you will have more than one Private Action available with the same character in the same town. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. What healing items and Food are most useful? She hopes to have more to talk about when she's older. Likewise, if you deplete all of an enemy’s health points, they … Fiore is fairly comfortable being watched, but is a bit hurt when what she's discovered is that Fiore dresses funny. Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. |Star Ocean: The Second Story Private Actions FAQ Version 3.5 | |By: X Crono X | |_____| This is the Star Ocean 2 Private Actions Guide. Victor has studied many fighting styles, but none are as effective as the Camuze style taught by Fidel's father. A million hits?! To activate a Private Action, look for a whistle icon on the map in towns when a Private Actions is available. This will not be a quick fight. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness follows the journey that Fidel and his friends must make in order to protect the mysterious girl Relia who holds the key to the story. If all of your character’s health points are depleted, your character is incapacitated. There are hundreds of private actions, and the exact triggers are too complex to pin down. Fiore talks about how she was upset when one of her pets died, after accidentally eating someone. Private Actions are special scenes between the main character and a party member that determine a number of things, such as affinity between party members, specific character endings at the end of the game, recruiting certain characters, and more. Fiore flirts a little with Anne, and then teases her about her strange outfit. Introduction ----- ----- Well then, welcome to the Star Ocean 4 Private Action guide. There's been a lot of discussion about this build, and how it removes all challenge from the game. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. There's a tree in the way, and Fiore wants to burn it to the ground to clear their vision. Miki is frustrated by Victor's superstitious nature. But especially on the 1st run, you may want to make sure you have a Resurrection Mist handy, so that you can save up a L3-4 Reserve Rush when the Ethereal Queen's HP gets low, and then just revive the whole party and then hit her with Ethereal Blast to finish her off. Then she is not impressed. It will open up more PA's later. Guide Contents. The best answer is to tell her it depends on the animal. Ted embarasses Miki by telling Relia about a story from her childhood about frogs. Star Ocean 5 details and screenshots: Relia and Private Actions The supporting, non-playable child character. Looks like Fiore's 'suspicions' might not be unfounded. As such, you need to make 3 trips through the maze to catalog every enemy and gain access to every item. Relia tells Miki about her bizarre dreams. Tips Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Tips. Fiore and Anne have an awkward conversation about their common interests. Version: 1.04 | Updated: 08/13/2016 Highest Rated Guide. Fiore critics. Private Actions. Fiore and Victor discuss swordsmanship and scholarship and their similarities, but aren't on the same page at all. Relia has been watching Anne, which makes her uneasy. Miki tells Fidel he has no sense of taste. Victor wants to take a bath with Fidel, and wash each other, while they discuss swordsmanship. Miki is upset about the food in a local restaurant - but still apparently made a pig of herself. The party is stumped... Relia is trying to mimic Fiore, but can't quite get it. If you do find the difficulty too extreme, there is a way to cheese your way through these fights fairly easily. Like any traditional role-playing game, the basis of Star Ocean are the attributes for each character and enemy. She decides on cute. Awkward! Anne tells him it's because he doesn't hold any station of power on this planet. Malko once again challenges Victor to a duel - and once again chickens out. She thinks Miki is cute. When on the world map, press the Y button outside a town to enter a Private Action. Fiore asks Victor about his taste in women. These can also occur outside of town. Miki should be set up so she can handle healing without your micromanagement. Fiore asks if Victor has feelings for Hana. She wonders how it would taste. She thinks she's even cuter than lizards. In fact, the reason she hasn't ever opened a restaurant is because Fidel and Ted say she'd eat all the food herself. When Victor first joins your party on the Coast of Minoz in Chapter 1. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Further trips through the maze will have no changes, but will allow you to grind for extra Orichalcum, Moonstones, and other rare materials you might need to fill out your trophies. Star Ocean 4 private actions. by X Crono X Updated to v3.5 on Jun 15, 2004 |Star Ocean: The Second StoryStar Ocean: The Second Story Fiore asks if a man doesn't contact a woman for 3 years if that means he's forgotten her. When you first reach Central Resulia in Chapter 1. Relia is excited when she learns that Miki knows how to make cakes. Relia is croaking like a frog. A very short PA where Relia is feeling lonely and blue. Miki and Fiore discuss ways to imbue objects with magic. This is the culmination of the renowned Star Ocean series and I hope you enjoy it! Tell her you know him and she asks you to tell him that 'Rebecca' is ok. Sit back on the edges building up reserve rush with air slash, then dash in with Abyssal Gate and hit her with a 200% reserve rush any time you build up enough of your gauge to use the attack - which will usually be at the end of every cancel combo if you have a good set of reserve rush equipment - then dodge immediately back out to the outskirts and repeat the process. Anne falls hook line and sinker. Periodically, you will encounter a situation where something appears in the bottom right of your screen and a character (or characters) will talk to either Fidel or each other. STAR OCEAN TILL THE END OF TIME: DIRECTOR'S CUT PRIVATE ACTION FAQ (v1.0, 9-02-04) by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu) Version History v1.0 (9-02-04) First version. Victor is cold after apparently having had an old flame die. After defeating the Ethereal Queen (and picking up the chest full of loot the first time), you'll need to return to the Charles D. Goale to reset the Maze for another run. You'll grow closer if you tell him that you hate spinach too. Fiore asks Miki if 'you and him' are a think. Fiore is impressed that Emmerson could out-drink her - and apparently he's less creepy when he's drunk. Anne is trying to ask Relia something, but can't get up the nerve. If previous Star Oceans are any indication, PA's could be triggered by such things as hidden affection statistics between characters - or they might be triggered by having seen other Private Actions that show up at random - or they might be triggered by your answers to questions in other Private Actions - or they might be triggered completely randomly. Do Exp., SP, and FOL acquiring skills stack? Victor tells him he'll just to around to scout. Otherwise, if the Ethereal Queen has any kind of buff, have Fiore cast Void before returning to Fidel. Poor Anne. Relia is watching Fiore. Fidel doesn't handle the compliment well. When you step on the whistle, your party will split up and head off into various locations in the town. Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Star Ocean 5 : Integrity and Faithlessness Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Walkthrough. Miki tells Fiore that she tried to get her first signet tattooed on her face, during her rebellious teenage phase. She has a smattering of spells and abilities, but they are either short range, or have a pretty limited or random area effect. Not with that attitude causes her to perk up and. Victor and Fiore discuss the trials and dangers of fieldwork. by Bryan Dawson June 29, 2016, 7:11 p.m. Take a closer look at the difficulty settings, attributes and more to improve your Star Ocean experience! They go boing! You can tell her it's ok to cook, or you can tell her it's a waste of time, but you're in for a scolding if you tell her to cook more, eat less. Descriptions of Private Actions and their conditions could contain major story spoilers. Fiore is concerned that she's gained weight. Navigation. Like Father, Like Son This PA becomes available during Chapter 7, involves Anne, and can only be viewed before Daril is killed. To get an email when this guide is updated click below.

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