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tzimisce character concepts

He also took the arm and leg bones and elongated them onto some of the torsos, moving the head inside the rib cage, and ending each long arm in a sharpened agravated damage bone knife. If your ST/GM isn't a fan of the merit (I'm kind of on the fence about it myself) then you can always remove the Patricide, or add a one year gap between your diablerie and you arriving at the setting of the chronicle. Not staying any longer than the requisite three days and three nights unless invited to. Animal control masters, mansion holders, creepy dominion owners, eastern-european accents... Also, walking in long corridors with certain fabrics. Every ghoul is subjected to Biothaumaturgic Experimentation. He built a tower outside of town in one of the mountain passes that over-land travel had to traverse, built a small army of heavily altered ghouls, and created all manner of unsavory things as he explored the limits of form. This leaves a lot of options. When they originally appeared in Second Edition (, Between second and revised edition, the Tzimisce were subject to a controversial change imposed in. But to Irad's surprise, this mortal appeared nor… Role-playing him was really fun. hidden castle in Hungary. Tzimisce are, if anything, unique as snowflakes, and each Fiend has its own reason for and methods of inflicting horror on the world. Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal'Mahe'Ra, https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Tzimisce?oldid=275154, While the Grimaldi are the Tzimisce's pawns in mortal society, the, Shelter and nourishment for three days and three nights (not counting the night of arrival), The protection of the host against third-party aggressors, Suspension of inter-family grievances for the duration of the stay, The best quarters in the home of the host (up to and including the host's own chambers), A ritual exchange of gifts or services (on arriving, departing, or sometimes both), Respecting the host's boundaries and property, Not needlessly angering the host or any of his family. Articles about the background of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.This covers concepts, characters and creatures which are named but not seen, or which are important to understanding the game world as a whole. The PC just couldn't stomach the feeling of his insides moving around. On the lighter side, the Tzimisce Technomancer has no peers and the Sabbat has no idea what to do with them once they've found them... so they probably spend most of their time goofing around online, arguing with the Red Question and other anarchs about the Antedilluvians. They were fearsome rulers, which could very well translate into a Nosferatu bloodline. More akin to demons. Merits and Flaws are divided into four categories: physical, mental, social and supernatural. I really like how they've designed the Tzimisce bane and clan compulsion in the companion - the former in particular is open enough to fit all sorts of interesting character concepts. So he did his duty but tried to remain as good as he could, often refusing to feed on anything but animals. But there are no whales in the Black Sea and even the sharks are lame. (This is one I've wanted to play for a very long time). Concept: Your character’s concept is a brief “sketch” of who your character was prior to the Embrace — anything from Crazed Vigilante to Aging Porn Star. They were EVERYWHERE but hidden mostly. She was an artiste, but also the face of the city to the mortals. He was a lesser noble, a knight, who served (unknowingly) a vampire. Using his mastery of Protean, the ancient gathered all of his evil into a bilious mass of repugnancy and horror, and spat it out. the village below were being bred for beauty, and for horror. He felt that he and his master (especially his master) were monsters. You know those Bodies art exhibits that travel around science museums? After that, I'd just wander around the black sea in my submarine and fuck with Russio-Turkish shipping. This is not a painless process when performed on others it seems. So you're a Tzimisce whose entire family and support network are back in Central Europe, who is now in the US or UK, or wherever your chronicle is set. He covered the walls of his sanctuary with living human skin streched to hundreds of yards, with eyes and ears hidden in the folds, and the mouths near his resting place. Including the "negative" traits like getting angry and smashing someone's head in just because you're in the moment, then feeling real bad about it because you're in a new moment. Those are run by Tzimisce. There are two conflicting tales about the origin of the Tzimisce Antediluvian. But he was honor bound to serve and obey. Character quote: There are no vampires. Tzimisce Name: Player: Chronicle: Nature: Demeanor: Concept: Generation: Sire: Title: Attributes Strength_____ Dexterity_____ Stamina_____ Physical Perception_____ Intelligence_____ Wits_____ Mental Charisma_____ Manipulation_____ Appearance_____ Social Abilities Alertness_____ Athletics_____ Awareness_____ Talents A character may take as many Merits as the player can afford, but no character may have more than seven points’ worth of Flaws (which would give a character a total of 22 freebie points to spend in other areas). Tzimisce WeaponDifficulty Damage ConcealRange Rate Clip Brawling Table ManeuverAccuracyDamage Bite5Strength +1 Punch 6 Strength Grapple 6 Strength Claw 6 Strength +2 Kick 7 Strength +1 Body Slam 7 Special; See Options Animal control masters, mansion holders, creepy dominion owners, eastern-european accents... Also, walking in long corridors with certain fabrics. He could risk a confrontation; but this low on blood he can't be sure that he would even stand a chance. https://www.google.com/search?q=body+worlds. And they … I enjoyed him. It's really high art. You have very little Vicissitude knowledge (level 1) but you are obsessed with the power, as you believe yourself to be a natural with it (Discipline Prodigy: Vicissitude and Promethean Clay). A few weeks after the embrace his sire and himself are assaulted by a small pack of hunters. He was also a religious man. Character Creation Suggestions: Edit. They are the demon of the net, and their firewalls involve real fire. However whenever I find a theme I don't like I can generally pull together concepts who exist to subvert it. (Stolen from the Darker Days podcast, but might get used in a game one day damn it! The bottom of the Black Sea is just poisonous gas so there aren't many deep-dwelling creatures as well. (I think she may have also had some Koldunic Sorcery, but can't honestly recall.). So the Tzimisce courted and embraced the PC, but when it actually came time to die and live on as a twisted corpse in the night, feeling his bones realign and his muscles move beneath his skin, the PC became revolted with the idea of vicissitude. He was always at odds with the other kindred, whom he hated, but he was also the only one in the group that many of them trusted, as he was so honorable and honest in his dislike for them. Wasn't there a story on r/gametales like that? See Clans. I was thinking of making him one of the first Grimaldis to be given such a gift during the Dark Ages back when the family was a group Italian merchant nobles who scoured across Europe on the behalf of their undead Machiavellian benefactors. His struggle was the call of the artist. A Cavalcade of Fiends. They were debauched and twisted sensualists, which fits the Daeva. She did have a fair bit of Vicissitude and used it to not only boost her own appearance, but that of her flock. ... Clan Tzimisce Abilities measure your character’s capability to undertake specific kinds of tasks. She was obsessed with status and propriety, big on etiquette and tradition. After the embrace? Course nobody trusts him and so forth and he's on the run from the Sabbat. He came to be because one of my mage characters had an obsession to be the most beautiful women on earth (she already had a seven appearance and her rotes were all about "because I'm beautiful"), and she betrayed the party because this vampire promised he could shape her even higher. One of them, the oldest, was a Roman descendant of Scipio. He was obsessed with making angels, in any way he could. He focused primarily on combat and auspex. I'm not too sure about the Ravnos write-up though: the bane seems like it'd be either too restrictive or something that an obliging ST would just let you cheese. Edit to add: You're not going to get the character you want in the NWoD. He's flesh crafted a crew of ghouls, and a whale, to make the most horrifying ship and crew imaginable. Over time, he struggled to find a 'cure' or even golconda. The Tzimisce Technomancer is someone who grew up on the old Asmiov stories of planets run by a single massive computer, who then looks back and says "But also, that computer should be ME." Some of the exhibits are still alive. They seemed to have confused torturing squirrels for enlightenment, because really what is the point of being anything if all you do with it is make yourself the scariest thing you can think of. [2] [3] For this clan, body alteration is an art and a philosophy.In the modern ages, most Tzimisce are prescriptive social Darwinists. Tzimisce Science_____ Name: Player: Chronicle: Attributes Strength_____ Dexterity_____ Stamina_____ OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO Physical Perception_____ Intelligence_____ Wits_____ OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO Mental Charisma_____ Manipulation_____ Appearance_____ OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO Social Nature: Demeanor: Concept: The general idea behind the Tzimisce PC is their generation, and culture, younger Tzimisce tend to dress in a punkish or Cyber-Gothic fashion, or used to be part of a hospital's staff, the Tzimisce embrace those who show a taste for the macabre and gorey. World of Darkness - 2.72k Followers, 48 Following, 2628 pins | Official World of Darkness moodboards. See more ideas about character concept, concept art, concept art characters. He hated what he had become and the woman he had loved feared him. Their lair is a ghoul they've...well...spread over the room. They were also lords of beasts, which could fit both the Ventrue and Gangrel clans. He was capable of so much more, not just removing bellyfat from failed actresses and assisting in the self-destructive habits of soccer moms. The vampires of the Camarilla, indoctrinated by their fearful elders, see the Tzimisce as impersonal monsters - a slavering horde of Boschean bogeymen mindlessly bent on destruction. You could also ghoul the whale, for good measure. I wouldn't mind re-visiting a concept that I only got to play for one game session: the Malkavian with Panzaism. Clan: Your character’s Clan defines her lineage and her relationship to Caine, the progenitor vampire. Some of the concepts I've put together: A Giovanni Chronicles character who began as a (cross dressing) knight. The Tzimisce are a monstrous clan of vampires, able to shift both flesh and bones of themselves and others. He is very low on blood, and he can hear the hunters searching for him outside. He eventually got manipulated to breaking his promises and there was... quite the death scene. It's all an act of ultimate torture and humiliation. The Legend of Irad has it that, at some point in the city of Enoch, Irad the Strong sought to purge himself of all evil. The main concept of the book is that a number of vampires are lashing out at their enemies to vie for power in the United States. He was a 'good' tzimisce who, throughout the chronicle, eventually had to do bad things. Or am I misremebering something? Yet nearly every sourcebook with a Tzimisce in it has the Body Horror Freakshows front and center, right down to their Revised Iconic Character. Learning more vicissitude on the belief that it might hold the answers.. He was a gifted sculptor. In a Dark Ages game I ran long ago, three of the PCs were a Tzimisce power-bloc running the city as a Triumvirate. A neonate doctor who was horrified at what he'd become... but realized that being able to sow people back together could do a lot of good. Given we're playing in a part of Italia, I was thinking of giving a Grimaldi Ghoul turned Tzimisce a bit of a go as my first character. ), Exalted, and Chronicles of Darkness (Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, etc.). Hey guys, Clan Tzimisce is one of my favorite clans, wether it's the transhumanist master of body horror, to a terrible ancient Lord of the Carpathians, I feel drawn to many of the themes they evoke, so I wanted to hear from other players what have been your most interesting or most creative Tzimisce characters, wether your own or played by someone else, let's hear it all for your favorite Dragons. As an adult, well, he managed. It wasn't a personal hatred. Thus seeks to pursue the real transhumanism under the idea you must include human traits to transcend them. In its large cast of characters, I counted 8 named Tzimisce to 6 named Lasombra (plus one important ductus whose clan apparently isn't indicated.) Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more. See more ideas about creature design, fantasy creatures, horror art. For an actual Sabbat character an ancilla who is of the opinion the clan is full of idiots. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was constantly teetering over the edge with each patient, tempted to carve the base clay into something beautiful, rather than the base alterations desired of him. The Tzimisce clan is the clan that puts together so many concepts and so many myths around the vampire that for me, they're not just "one clan". Or take your chances with the Diablerie lines :P, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WhiteWolfRPG community. The Tzimisce do some graphically sick stuff with their vicissitude discipline but a Lasombra ductus does some equally disturbing things with the help of obtenebration. Never quite found the right game to actually play this one. The PC's ideas and writing all fit right into the Tzimisce's ideas about improving the body and oneself being the highest virtues. plus he had humans converted into huge bags of blood, with 15 blood points in each obese limbless bag so fat their heads were barely visible. I had the idea for a young philosopher and transhumanist who caught the attention of a Tzimisce. Period. Tzimisce - concept art | Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. If the game is Camarilla, you will basically need to have the Hidden Diablerie merit. Leader of the Sabbat, an unnerving Tzimisce vampire who likes to build things from his victims. A community for fans of White Wolf's roleplaying games, notably the World of Darkness (Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, etc. He was made when i wanted to try running someone who was unexcusably evil at his core, with enough of a survival instinct to know that giving into his urges would get him killed. Some are rival vampires splayed open for all to see, kept immobilized and somewhere between torpor and consciousness. An NPC I'm probably never going to get the chance to use: The Tzimisce Technomancer. He was heavily invested in Vicissitude. Tzimisce characters can supernaturally alter the bodies of living and undead organisms, even to the point of melting them. In person, Tzimisce vampires at first seem far more civilized than the brutal packs of the Sabbat mainstream: studious, solitary, courteous and dignified, their manners often seem somewhat disarming given the reputation that the Clan as a whole has acquired. You can hack a database, but only if you get past the security system directly integrated with some poor soul's brain, and the alarms you set off are all real people screaming. To further increase his difficult adapting, I gave him sanguinary animism and grip of the damned. You know for the irony of someone who can now be a man but is still utterly barred from her life's calling. White Wolf Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He was turned as conflicts against the tremere became more pronounced, mostly as a body guard. The Tzimisce do some graphically sick stuff with their vicissitude discipline but a Lasombra ductus does some equally disturbing things with … dark eldar. Whereas Attributes measure raw potential in broad fields, each Ability is a much more focused area of … Had a tzimisce enemy for my mage game. I always felt sorta repelled by the standard Tzimisce themes, which I realize is kinda the point. If I ever get a chance to play a Tzimisce, I'd like to play a dark ages big game hunter. Crazy Sabbat hacker trolls, just what the internet needs, right? Ventrue. So he avoided feeding from people at all costs. I love this concept and story, tragic and very fitting to the game's theme. Panzaism is the delusional inability to recognize anything as supernatural. May 13, 2019 - Explore Tiago Rabello's board "Character Concept art", followed by 5409 people on Pinterest. Far more than their Darwinist Lasombrabrethren, the Tzimisce are a clan of tradition and history, and while the founder may be dead, its ideals and quests still capture the minds of … Never mind what the furniture is. This stereotype is far from accurate. I had a dark ages tzimisce that was really focused on the personal horror aspect of the game. Now again, he was religious but honorable. Then turning them into szlachta, improving on nature and learning how to best improve himself. His sire is wounded and he carries him away (having decent Celerity which his Sire lacks) to safety, however the wounds from the gunfire cause the Sire to slip into Torpor. May 4, 2019 - Explore Byron Stovall's board "Tzimisce" on Pinterest. Three words: Tzimisce Interior Decorator. The third, the male of the twins, was a mix of warlord and arcane scientist. Permanently reshaping somebody is a gross violation of whatever morality system a given game may impose. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The singularitarian concept of posthumanism slips right in with the search for Azi Dahaka, becoming more than what you are. I envision an Englishman leading an expedition into Africa hunting the wildest beasts nature can throw at him. The players freaked when they found the village occupied by the most beautiful people they had ever seen, and the castle full Of absolutely horrific things. He hated what they were. Every ghoul is subjected to Biothaumaturgic Experimentation. She had a lot of Auspex and Animalism, very little Vicissitude. The Tzimisce are known for their body altering technique, called Vicissitude or, less formally, "fleshcrafting". Actually a real noble sort rejects her clan and spends the next couple centuries shacking up with the Camarilla. The Tzimisce Technomancer is someone who grew up on the old Asmiov stories of planets run by a single massive computer, who then looks back and says "But also, that computer should be ME." In the end of course, he inevitably started to give up and slowly, as the world changed and the Sabbat was born, so too did he become a more twisted creature. The second, the female of a set of twins, was similar, but totally geared towards the mortal herds. A plastic surgeon who thought himself an artist, playing a Tzimisce Antitribu. When the Sabbat loses the Tremere Antitribu, the kolduns step up to close the gap, but there's more to Thaumaturgy than just elemental mayhem. While [Tzimisce] is presumed dead at the fangs of Lugoj, the Tzimisce clan still holds their deceased founder in some reverence. A young member of the Grimaldi Revenent family who is embraced when he demonstrates a ridiculous aptitude for the basics (level 1) of Vicissitude, and then displays Revenent Discipline (3 point merit) along with Vicissitude as an additional discipline (5 point merit). Dark Ages: He was a good Catholic boy, a very good Catholic boy. Press J to jump to the feed. They are the demon of the net, and their firewalls involve real fire. In most of my campaigns its gotten to the point where the Sabbat Tzimisce are the horror shows, and the Old Clan Tzimisce … The Tzimisce clan is the clan that puts together so many concepts and so many myths around the vampire that for me, they're not just "one clan". ), Tzimisce pirate! The thing is, it's all really pretty, comfortable, and functional. He'd been warned about putting his gifts to use but each mundane nip and tuck or adjustment of this or that minor feature called him to greater things. Irad's intention was to destroy the mortal who consumed this mass of Protean, thinking that by destroying this mortal, he would destroy the evil also. Character Portraits Dark Dark Eldar Rpg Character Fantasy Creatures Character Inspiration Fantasy Characters Portrait Warhammer Art. In its large cast of characters, I counted 8 named Tzimisce to 6 named Lasombra (plus one important ductus whose clan apparently isn't indicated.) Abilities and Attributes would depend on what role they had had within the family pre-embrace. Tzimisce Blood BondsAccording to Kindred legend, the Tzimisce Antediluvian was the first of Caine's childer to discover the Blood Bond, and it is fact that his progeny were the first vampires to break such a Bond en masse. Turning people into Gigeresque conversation pieces will quickly drop you into whatever sort of unplayable amorality a given system inflicts. Vampire: The Masquerade is a tabletop role-playing game (tabletop RPG) created by Mark Rein-Hagen and released in 1991 by White Wolf Publishing as the first of several Storyteller System games for its World of Darkness setting line. But they came to know that he wouldn't betray them and thus, was very valuable. However, spending any length of time with a Tzimisce usually provides enough proof that this reputation is well-earned: out of all the Clans, the Tzimisce are the most alien in min… some of the horrors he made were a pair of hands stuck together at the former wrist that acted as spies and creepy swarm monsters. Honor was everything to him. Black Sea is basically just a giant lake. There is no masquerade, because there are no vampires, and there are no secret societies, and no conspiracies. The church made use of him. Working on an alternate Path of Metamorphosis that uses Conscience/Self-Control looking for some kind of alternate Golconda and is less about being spooky little f---er with tentacles hanging out. You've diablerised your Sire, and attempted to fake your death to look like the hunters got your both, before running away to a foreign country (you may have left traces, for example using your passport to get out of the EU). Just with a limited pallet, and damn I wish the couch wouldn't scream so when you sat on it. Older Tzimisce might cling to the traditions more, having some Eastern European roots. Clan dictates your character’s vampiric powers and weakness. Never played it, but I want to use a combo of animalism to subsume a whale to my will, and vicissitude to carve out a nice little stateroom inside it. Goes around fixing people's faces and pursuing Viss with the hopes of being able to fix any medical problem with it. the bone things were damned hard to kill. Currently any child concepts will be denied. Was all about controlling the power base of the undead. Primary Attributes: Strength (Vicissitude) Manipulation (Animalism) Perception (Auspex) Secondary Attributes: Horrid Form provides +3 to all physical attributes, so a Tzimisce can get real benefit from having solid all-around physicals.

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