29 Mar

The Power of Jumping Into Your Life

What would happen if you just jumped into your life and went “all out” toward achieving and creating a dream life?

What if you didn’t hold back because of fear, limitations, or obstacles? As a matter of fact, what if you simply ignored these negative things and only focused on what you wanted?

What if you didn’t worry about being tired or working too hard?

What if you did what you could with what you have to work with at this time?

What if you just did one to three simple things every day toward creating your dream life, and when the next one to three things appeared you did them quickly as well?

What if you lived by the motto, “Do It Now?”

What if you temporary stopped doing the things you know are contrary to your well-being and counter productive toward your dream life? What if you just stopped doing them for even a period of 90-days?

What if you ignored what other people thought about you, and instead, lived according to what you want to be?

What if you stopped needing other people’s love and acceptance because you decided to love yourself to the maximum?

What if you stopped complaining about life, people, and situations, and instead, only lived in Gratitude for everything—good or bad?

What if you started looking throughout each day for the most miniscule miracle?

The answer to all of these questions is the same. If you did these things, you would succeed in experiencing your highest GOOD LIFE that God has waiting for you.


Featured image: Copyright soupstock / bigstockphoto.com

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