The Power of Resolve

The power of resolve

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett

There is a potential power in everything – in a light switch, in a key to your car, in your life. The power of resolve comes about when you reach a point in your life when you say, “That is it. I’m not going to play a small game anymore. It doesn’t do me any good to play a small game. It doesn’t do anyone else good for me to play a small game.”

When you get to that type of resolve, it’s not wishful thinking. It’s causative action. We cause what we want to occur in our lives. We are creators. We exist to create. Here’s an example of the power of resolve from one of my sons.

My second son served a second tour in the military that wrapped up in 2012. This second tour was on the front lines in Afghanistan. There was fighting every day. One day he was running late to meet other men in his unit. Everyone was getting down on him, including the captain, to rush him along. Three of the other striker vehicles pulled out before him. When he pulled out, he immediately got word to stop. The three prior vehicles were just hit. Every man in those vehicles was killed.

Another time in December, just before the holidays, he said, “Dad, God is great… really great! I was working all day, exhausted. I came back to the tent and laid down on a cot. I could barely move. A friend had just gotten the mail. He’d gotten a handheld Nintendo game. You know how much I love video games. I could hear my friend playing over there. I thought, “Get up!” Then, I thought, “No,” and I thought, “Get up!” so I got up and went over and asked if I could play the game.

Just as my friend handed me the game, we heard it come through. Shooo! Bam! We looked around. A bullet had shot through the tent, hit the metal footlocker, ricocheted off the footlocker and hit the cot where I had been lying a few seconds before.”

I asked my son “How do you deal with this?”

He said, “I came to a resolve.”

“What’s the resolve?”

“I refuse to die in the battle. I tell myself that every morning. I tell myself that throughout the day. I tell myself that at night when I go to sleep – I refuse to die in the battle.”

Whatever battle that you are facing, if you refuse to die in that battle – if you give yourself that type of resolve – success is inevitable. If you say, “This is what I want my life to be,” success is inevitable.

Of course, we’re talking about having the resolve and then going into action to make it a reality. I don’t know of a single skyscraper that built itself.  But I do know that every single building that is out there, there was a resolve at the beginning that said, “This is what will be erected.” What are you erecting in your life right now? It’s exactly whatever you’ve set the resolve to be.

You might want to be careful, because a lot of people get confused and are resolving to create the wrong thing. If you have a lot of confusion in your life, you are probably having a resolve that you will have a confusing life – that you will have chaos in your life. And when it’s not there, you will create it.

Now when you create it, you may blame it on something else. You might blame God for forsaking you. But you created it. You created this moment. Resolve to create the life you want today!

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