The Power of Taking Small Steps Every Day

The Taoist monk Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” This principle can be transferred into any area of life if you understand the power behind this thought.

Many people want more love, health, and money. Some individuals would consider these
essential to a happy life. The challenge for many people is not realizing becoming successful in
any of these areas is accomplished, one step at a time. But there is power in each of those


If you want more of something, the first step is to state a goal to yourself. Next, you would like
to reverse engineer that goal to see what steps you need to take to achieve your objective.
The more action steps you can identify, the better chance of you succeeding.

After you write down every action step, you will need to take to achieve your goal, look over
your list, and put them in chronological or priority order. For instance, I would want to create a
website before getting a business card to put my domain on the card.

Once you complete your prioritization list, you are ready for a vital part of the process that
changes everything from a daydream to the growth of a life dream. When you take each
step and put it on a calendar of some sort, you will want to list each action step on your calendar
with a specific date and time and when you plan on completing that task before moving on
to the next. One action step per day is plenty to help you fulfill any dream quickly.

As you complete an action step for the day, it is your choice to feel accomplished or go ahead
and meet tomorrow’s as well. It isn’t necessary to move forward, but you can if you want. The
main thing you want to commit to is completing at least one step per day.

Using this simple “One step per day” approach will amaze you how easy it is to succeed in any
area of life. Things will start to go so quickly for you; you will wonder why you didn’t do this
process long ago.

Success is easy to achieve in any area of life when you take it one step at a time.