Turn On Your Greatness

turn on your greatness

Do you long to step into your full potential? In this self-help video “Turn On Your Greatness,” Dr. Michael J. Duckett discusses how to be great NOW. Read the description after Dr. Duckett’s video to discover how you can learn more through his book “Existing in a State of Power.”

Turning on your greatness is not as hard as you think it might be.

First, it starts with a decision. You decide this is the time for you to step into your greatness.

Second, leave the security behind. You cannot expand into a bigger person if you are holding onto a secure life. Security means you are familiar with your surroundings. You have control over those things. But if you want more, you’re going to have to go into uncharted territory. That means you’re going to have to go into places you haven’t been before and experience new things. That can be scary. So that leads us to the third step…

Life Hacks: Greatness, existing in a state of power, becoming successful, living in the now, mindfulnessBe courageous. You don’t have to eliminate your fears. You just have to be more courageous than your fears. You keep on going through the fear, obstacles and limitations without any type of hesitation, trepidation, or reservation. You walk right into it.

Fourth, you go ALL OUT. You go crazy for whatever it is you want in life.

You become great in the moment – right now in this moment when you make that decision. Great was great before great became great. You become great now; and then you walk with that. Greatness isn’t something you walk into. It’s something that you become now. You walk with it and continue to become greater, and greater, and greater.

You deserve greatness.  Go for it!



Check out Dr. Duckett’s book “Existing in a State of Power.” (You can read an excerpt here).


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