Dr. Michael J. Duckett, social scientist, author, and coach, has made several profound discoveries in the fields of mental health and human behavior. These innovations are positively impacting many people’s lives. 

Have you heard of Mental Codes? 

It is a person’s thoughts that determine what happens in your life. The program of repetitive thought patterns playing in your mind is called your Mental Codes. Your predominant thoughts are the “coding” in your brain. Remember, thoughts create emotions. Emotions create feelings that will make a person feel empowered or disempowered. This cycle determines the outcome in life. The only way a person can change the repeating cycles and results in life is by identifying the mental coding and reprogramming them to align with your desired outcome. If you don’t change your Mental Codes, nothing can improve your life.

Lives changed

Dr. Duckett conducts seminars focusing on Fear, Building Confidence, Mental Codes, Self-Sabotage, and other obstacles getting in your way to creating and upgrading your life. Dr. Michael J. Duckett uses a unique and entertaining approach to share life-changing information with audiences worldwide. 
Thousands of lives have been changed with Dr. Duckett’s breakthroughs, and many mental health professionals have used the Mental Codes information to help their patients and clients. In addition, the vast number of books and programs on the Upgrading Life web site allows people to unlock greater potential instantly. 
Many times, in life, it is at the point when a person says, “that’s it, I’m not going to continue struggling in life”, that positive change occurs. When we are ready, the information to help us seems to appear at the perfect time miraculously. Now, it’s your time. Please take a moment and discover what so many people have claimed to be one of the most significant experiences in their lives. You are about to discover the hidden powerhouse that has been lying dormant within your mind. Everyone has all they need to achieve greatness but must get out of their own way. Enjoy life; that’s the way it’s supposed to be.