You are the Archer

Just as an archer must focus on the bull’s-eye to hit the target, individuals seeking to achieve their goals must also maintain unwavering concentration. Many people embark on the journey towards success, but only a select few reach the finish line. The primary reason for this disparity is a need for more focus. If you truly desire something, it’s crucial to channel your concentration towards attaining it, as a lack of focus can derail your journey towards success.

Various factors can cause individuals to lose focus while pursuing their aspirations, but they can all be traced back to self-sabotage. Many individuals talk themselves out of chasing their dreams, which is why only a minority ultimately achieve success.

Every person begins life as a blank slate, brimming with boundless possibilities. Only after birth do we begin to learn about our apparent limitations and shortcomings. Imagine the potential in our lives if we never discovered our limitations.

When we initially set out to chase our dreams, our motivation is often driven by the prospect of improving our lives. However, as we progress along this path and start questioning the feasibility of our goals, we take the first step toward losing focus. Maintaining focus becomes challenging without constant inspiration.

It’s crucial to distinguish between motivation and inspiration. Motivation drives us to improve our current state due to a sense of lack, while inspiration arises when we stay focused on our goals to achieve them without dwelling on our shortcomings. Motivation is short-lived, lasting only a few days, while inspiration endures as long as we stay focused on our desired destination. Therefore, relying solely on motivation, which emphasizes what we need, effectively maintains focus.

On the other hand, inspiration is a potent force that keeps us focused on what we want to achieve in life. To maintain inspiration on your journey, create a purpose for your life and connect it to your desires. Consistently evoke the emotions and spiritual aspects associated with your desires while avoiding excessive focus on the inevitable obstacles that may arise. The more you concentrate on your destination, the greater your chances of reaching it.

Just as a mountain climber focuses on reaching the summit rather than getting from the base, your life should center on reaching your goals. One way to bolster your focus is by creating an Inspirational Wall featuring images of your desired outcomes. Combine this with Emotional and Spiritual Prototyping, connecting emotions and spirituality to your desires. This practice helps you create an energy field that attracts your desires.

Refrain from fixating on obstacles or reasons you might fail, as this can diminish your inspiration and focus. At the outset, it’s only possible to foresee some ways to achieve your goal. The “how” usually evolves during the journey. Instead, begin where you are and stay focused on the “why” – or the purpose of what you want. By doing so, you’ll remain inspired and open to unexpected opportunities.

Maintain your focus, and your desires will inevitably become a reality.

Always in service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett