Your Guiding Question Could Be The Answer

guiding question

Do you know there is an inner question that guides us everyday throughout our lives? Have you listened closely to what you are asking yourself? Whatever you’re asking is what you are living and creating on a daily basis. What is your guiding question?

People have a constant question that they repeat consistently. This question may be different for each person but nonetheless it is the directing and driving force that creates each person’s reality.

I know for years the message I consistently asked myself was, “What do I do now?” So, in reality, my question was always producing challenges for me to figure out. One day, I changed my question to the answer. Every time I caught myself asking, “What do I do now?” I immediately rephrased it to, “I know what do to now. All of the answers I need come through me now.” Simply by rephrasing my question to an empowering statement, my challenges diminished and my capabilities to create increased.

What is your question? What question do you constantly ask yourself? Chances are it is not an empowering question. After researching numerous subjects about their inner question, I found some common questions were:

  • Why can’t I lose weight?
  • Why do I always have money problems?
  • What will it take to find the perfect mate or relationship?
  • What am I going to do?
  • Am I going to be stuck in this situation forever?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Does everyone experience problems like this?

Of course there were numerous other disempowering questions that people would ask themselves on a regular basis. It is our questions that confuse and restrict us from creating more. It is the constant questions that creates (or destroys) our lives.

To reprogram your question to an empowering question, try this exercise on yourself.

  • Pay attention to what you ask yourself when faced with a challenge.
  • Change the question to an empowerment statement.
  • Consistently don’t allow yourself to ask the same question. Every time you find your “question” surfacing, remind yourself that you don’t ask that question anymore.
  • After a short period of time you will find your self-esteem increase and your constant repeating problems decrease.

We live too much in the past. Many of our questions come from long ago challenges or programming. Incidentally, too many people have become arm-chair Sigmund Freuds. People love to talk about their childhood scars and claim these past events are what is holding them back or making them feel bad about themselves.

When you allow your past to be in their present, you are allowing bygone negative experiences to predict your future. As a matter of fact, you will be stuck producing more negative experiences in your present life re-injuring yourself and identifying with your past.

If you’ve had past, negative experiences, whether it be related to your parents, relationships, etc., I suggest you recognize the past situation but don’t allow your present self to be identified as only that “hurt” person anymore.

It is only when you release your past and the people in it (forgiveness) can you become open to a bigger you in the present. I’m not talking about denying the past. This could be foolish and subject your self to missing the experiences that have built great things within yourself.

I am talking about removing the “stuckness” syndrome and getting on with your life so you can Do It Now! It is much better for any person to welcome a bigger and brighter future than to relive the darkness of their past.

Guilt, anger, depression and other negative self-limiting things live in people who dwell on their past. All of these are lower vibrating (life draining) emotions. If you want to live with more energy and zest for life, you have to turn-up your power—not down. It is very difficult to be more alive when you are repeating the same questions that produced less than desirable results.

To put all of this in a nut-shell, “To find the right answers, change your thoughts to the right questions.” Better yet, change from questions altogether and start to give yourself empowering statements. At first the suggested reprogramming can be a little difficult but Keep Going and you will notice steady changes that will occur as you become a bigger person.

Close the doors of your past by changing your pre-programmed, negative questions and  gain access to your new brighter, self-empowered future.

As the former activist (Founder of the ACLU) and author Helen Keller wrote, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

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When you become an active participant in creating your life, instead of a passive bystander, you experience the wonderment of your true self.

Until we talk again in next week’s newsletter or on the FREE Teleclass seminar, I am …

In loving service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett


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