Unlocking Prosperity: A Shift in Mindset and Belief

Irrespective of the economic tides, individuals always rise to the summit. Some of the most substantial fortunes are amassed during economic downturns. You might be inclined to assume these riches were acquired through unethical means. While it’s true that some people tread unscrupulous paths, many upright and honest individuals flourish even when the world around […]

Recent Scientific Discoveries of How Spirituality Affects Prosperity

Scientific Research on Spirituality and Prosperity

There are very few people who understand how the spiritual world relates to the material world of money. How powerful is prayer toward prosperity? Can a person miraculously manifest money just by asking God for it? What are the latest scientific discoveries around the correlation between spirituality and money? Let’s take a look at these […]

If You Want to Be Wealthy, Manage Your Money Like the Wealthy Do

Secret Society Wealth and Prosperity Formula

Would you like to know the secret to wealth and prosperity that only the rich know? The first thing you need to know is that if you handle the money you currently have, more will come to you. If you can’t handle your current level of finances, what makes you think you can handle more […]

The 5 Basic Principles to Breaking the Money Barriers

breaking the money barriers

Do you want more money in your life? Are you tired of being broke and not having enough to do the things you really want to do? Dr. Michael J. Duckett shares the 5 basic principles you need to know for breaking the money barriers in your life. Watch this video for more information on […]

Success Strategies: What Is Holding You Back in Life?

mental codes

Did you know that 80% of success in any endeavor is in the mind? Twenty percent is in the action or activity that will get you there, but 80% of it is all based on your thoughts. You may not be familiar with the fact that you have Mental Codes that determine exactly what you […]

Breaking the Money Barriers

breaking the money barriers

When I was a little boy, I allowed my thoughts to carry me away from the extreme poverty in which I lived to a place where I knew things would be better. My seven sisters and I were orphaned and left on the streets of Detroit. We were determined to stay together at any cost! […]

Turning on Your Money Magnet – Activating the Power Within You

Have you ever been doing all the right things and yet feel nothing right is happening? Is this the reward for living good? One day not long ago, a friend of mine came to me with great distress on his face. Without saying a word I knew something was seriously wrong. John’s (not his real […]