Self-Control is Everything

Mastering Self-Control: The Key to Unlocking Life’s Potential In the grand tapestry of life, the desire for more success, happiness, and fulfillment is a common thread that unites us all. Yet, pursuing “more” often begins with an unexpected twist: the need first to gain control over what we already have. After all, how can we […]

The Power of One Step: A Journey to Success

The wisdom of Lao Tzu, the renowned Taoist monk, echoes through the ages: “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” It’s a timeless principle that transcends boundaries and applies to all facets of life. The key lies in understanding the profound force concealed within this seemingly simple idea. In pursuing more—more love, health, […]

Embracing Freedom: The Path to a Remarkable Life

Imagine a life where the shackles of conformity and the chains of routine have been shattered, where you chart your course and navigate the vast seas of existence with unbridled freedom. This is not merely a dream; it’s a reality waiting to be embraced—a life of boundless liberty. Breaking Free from the Mold Society often […]

Respond to Life, Don’t React

Respond to Life

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett I often say that we should respond to life and not react to it. What’s the difference? Let’s say you go to the doctor for an ailment and the doctor gives you some medicine to take home. One week later you visit the doctor for a follow-up visit. Which would […]

The Power of Resolve

The power of resolve

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett There is a potential power in everything – in a light switch, in a key to your car, in your life. The power of resolve comes about when you reach a point in your life when you say, “That is it. I’m not going to play a small game anymore. […]

Do You Have the Courage to Confront?

Do you have the courage to confront? If you want to be successful in all areas of your life, you'll need to confront in those areas.

Are you getting what you want out of life? Could you use better results in one area or another? There is direct connection between courage and success. If you’re unsatisfied in life, take a hard look at the areas that need improvement. What are you not confronting in those areas? For example, if your finances […]

Happiness Vs Joy

happiness vs joy

Do you know the difference between happiness and joy? Here’s a general guideline for the distinction in happiness vs joy: Happiness: many emotions, fleeting, and temporary. Joy: stable, deeper, and more serene. Joy is most likely to be achieved when we are serving others on a consistent basis. Being of service brings meaning to our […]

Creating Successful Habits To Achieve Your Desired Results

creating successful habits

Human beings are creatures of habit. If you want to get more out of your life, you’ll have to align your habits with the results you seek. If you’re not getting what you want from life, it’s probably because you have the wrong habits. If you change your habits to be in alignment with what […]

How to Exist in a State of Power

exist in a state of power

Are you ready to exist in a state of power? Many years ago, I was sitting on a rock reflecting on life. At that very moment, I asked myself, “What would happen if I just jumped all the way into life? What would happen if I didn’t hold back at all? What if I decided […]