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22 Jul

How to Prevent Postponing Your Own Happiness

Since the beginning of time, Happiness has been studied. There are different types of happiness and different levels of happiness.

18 Dec

Freedom to Do What You Want to Do

I often tell people, the caged bird is only confined until it discovers the door is open. The same with people, we feel free, when we discover how much...

08 Jul

Respond to Life, Don’t React

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett I often say that we should respond to life and not react to it. What’s the difference? Let’s say you go to the doctor...

12 Jun

The Power of Resolve

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett There is a potential power in everything – in a light switch, in a key to your car, in your life. The power of...

14 Mar

Do You Have the Courage to Confront?

Are you getting what you want out of life? Could you use better results in one area or another? There is direct connection between courage and success. If you’re...

15 Feb

Happiness Vs Joy

Do you know the difference between happiness and joy? Here’s a general guideline for the distinction in happiness vs joy: Happiness: many emotions, fleeting, and temporary. Joy: stable, deeper,...

26 Nov

Creating Successful Habits To Achieve Your Desired Results

Human beings are creatures of habit. If you want to get more out of your life, you’ll have to align your habits with the results you seek. If you’re...

18 Oct

How to Exist in a State of Power

Are you ready to exist in a state of power? Many years ago, I was sitting on a rock reflecting on life. At that very moment, I asked myself,...

18 Sep

Does Your Life Have Meaning?

Does your life have meaning? Of course it does! It does for everyone, but most people don’t take the time to bring this meaning into their subconscious minds. Here’s...

21 Aug

Creating Your Life: Turn on Your Inner Mental Powers

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett Are things happening in your life that you don’t want? You may have patterns in place that aren’t working for you.   Changing Your...

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