The Power of Gratitude

power of gratitude

The power of gratitude is amazing. Everything in life is an expression of God. We are all here for one thing: to expand God by learning and loving to our maximum. In the beginning, there was nothing but God. God had nothing to start with. There’s a mathematical equation here: God + Nothing = God […]

How to Create An Effortless Life

Who doesn’t want an effortless life. Have you ever asked yourself any of these quesions: Why am I here? What is the plan for my life? Does God have a plan for me? Does my life have to be so stressful? Can’t it be effortless? Enjoy this training and find answers to those deep questions. […]

Upgrading Your Life To The Next Level: Never Settle for Less

never settle for less

Most people are playing a much smaller game than they are capable. Although many will have high levels of aspiration to contribute great things to the world, they settle for less. Never settle for less!   The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize Columnist Maureen Dowd said it perfectly, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you […]

FEAR—The Main Obstacle To A Better Life

I would like to share with you the main obstacle that is preventing you and almost every person from growing past your current level of existence. This obstacle is the scariest thing in your life and you may not even know it. If you overcome this one thing, or even diminish it, you will take a giant […]

Power Goal Setting—The Right Way To Make It Happen

Goals are possible to achieve when we utilize them properly. For a goal to become a reality it is necessary to have clarity, focus, and a shift of energy to our new desires Traditional goal setting doesn’t work because it does three things: Lack of progress = discouragement. When we don’t make anticipated progress in […]

Why Is It Taking You So Long To Get What You Want?

why is it taking so long

There is only one reason why a person doesn’t have what he or she wants. This one reason is a little unusual for most people to grasp, but it is the only reason why you don’t have what you truly want. I’m going to go out on a limb and share this reason with you. Do what you want […]

Your Guiding Question Could Be The Answer

guiding question

Do you know there is an inner question that guides us everyday throughout our lives? Have you listened closely to what you are asking yourself? Whatever you’re asking is what you are living and creating on a daily basis. What is your guiding question? People have a constant question that they repeat consistently. This question […]

Balancing Life

When you’ve had enough you get what you want. Are you fed-up with wanting more and yet not achieving it? After working with thousands of people over the years to become successful, I’ve noticed one very common occurrence. When a person becomes fed-up with wishing and struggling for a better life, many times, an individual […]

Managing Time – A Successful Day

There is no such thing as instant success but anyone can be successful every day. For some reason many people are under the belief that they will find their pot-of-gold under the next rainbow; business venture; idea; or get-rich-quick scheme. These good hearted people will jump from one thing to another hoping the next venture […]

The Power of Jumping Into Your Life

life coaching

What would happen if you just jumped into your life and went “all out” toward achieving and creating a dream life? What if you didn’t hold back because of fear, limitations, or obstacles? As a matter of fact, what if you simply ignored these negative things and only focused on what you wanted? What if […]