Could These Emotional Addictions Be Messing Up Your Life?

The Mental Codes by Dr. Michael J Duckett

Have you ever wondered why the same problems keep coming up for you in your life? Did you know it could be that you are addicted to the emotions certain habits and patterns produce? Yes, we can even be addicted to negative emotions. Here’s how it works. This is an excerpt from my book The Mental […]

Giving Your Way To Success: Dr. Michael J. Duckett


Do you want to be more successful while helping others? In this self-help video “Give Your Way To Success,” Dr. Duckett discusses how successful people in business, music, athletics and other walks of life first GIVE before they succeed. Read the description after Dr. Duckett’s video to discover how you can learn more through his […]

Healing Your Past

healing the past ... Dr. Michael Duckett

See below Dr. Duckett’s video to read a synopsis of the 3 steps to healing your past and to read an excerpt of his book “Creating a Life of Freedom.” When we talk about healing the past, we’re talking about healing the effects things in the past had on your life. We can’t literally go […]

How to Create An Effortless Life

Who doesn’t want an effortless life. Have you ever asked yourself any of these quesions: Why am I here? What is the plan for my life? Does God have a plan for me? Does my life have to be so stressful? Can’t it be effortless? Enjoy this training and find answers to those deep questions. […]

Create Your Amazing Life

amazing life

Do you want an amazing life? Good or bad, thoughts create reality. If you want to see what your thoughts are creating, look around. Whatever is in your life at this point in time, your thoughts created that. We have the ability to create whatever we want. People limit themselves. They limit themselves by not […]

Why Is It Taking You So Long To Get What You Want?

why is it taking so long

There is only one reason why a person doesn’t have what he or she wants. This one reason is a little unusual for most people to grasp, but it is the only reason why you don’t have what you truly want. I’m going to go out on a limb and share this reason with you. Do what you want […]

Expanding Your Beliefs about Success – Enough of Having Less

The major part of being alive is the desire to have more. Human being’s have a natural propensity to always raise the bar in life. When you generate more money, you want more. When you discover a true love, you want more. When you experience health, you want more. When you get more, you want more. There […]


It’s time to set yourself free and lead as many people as possible on the path to freedom with you. That’s what it means to be a Life Coach If you’re reading this article, it’s your time to say, I’m going to step outside and do me, regardless of how many people like me or […]

Taking the “Power Seat” in Your Life

What do you want in your life, more love, time, money, health, etc.? Maybe you’re not sure what you want. Well, the easiest way to find out what you want is to identify what you don’t want and the opposite will be what you want. Once you get clarity on what you want in life, […]

Reprogram Your Thoughts to Create Your Ideal Life

What causes things to materialize in our lives? Actually there are two causes of things to materialize in our lives. A Primary, and a Secondary Cause. The Primary Cause of everything is God or Infinite Thought. Primary Cause created everything from the beginning of time and doesn’t rely on anything pre-existing to create something. Primary […]