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03 Nov

Self-Control is Everything

If we want more of anything in life, we first have to control what we have. If we can’t control what we already have, how could we control any...

22 Jul

How to Prevent Postponing Your Own Happiness

Since the beginning of time, Happiness has been studied. There are different types of happiness and different levels of happiness.

18 Oct

How to Exist in a State of Power

Are you ready to exist in a state of power? Many years ago, I was sitting on a rock reflecting on life. At that very moment, I asked myself,...

21 Aug

Creating Your Life: Turn on Your Inner Mental Powers

by Dr. Michael J. Duckett Are things happening in your life that you don’t want? You may have patterns in place that aren’t working for you.   Changing Your...

03 Aug

Your Body’s Good Posture Can Attract Good Things

Having good posture improves your attitude and attracts good things into your life! Research shows that people who slouch in their posture are seen by other people as weak...

26 Jul

Remember! Use Your Body’s Secret Power to Remember Better

Do you always remember what you were talking about? Short-term memory and remembering can be difficult! None of us walk around with teleprompters floating in front of our eyes....

09 Jul

Mind Power: Use Your Brain To Create Your Best Reality

We can use our mind power, our brain, to create the reality we want, the reality we dream of, our best life, our best reality. This brief video takes...

20 Jun

How to Overcome Fear: Simple Tip Video

Does fear stall you? Do you find yourself worrying — fearing — what will happen if you try to live a purposeful, dream life? Are you wishing that you...

18 May

Are You Spiritually Connected to Your Goals

Have you been setting goals and going for dreams, but they aren’t materializing? If you aren’t connecting spiritually to your goals and dreams, that could be the reason you aren’t...

01 Mar

Success Strategies: What Is Holding You Back in Life?

Did you know that 80% of success in any endeavor is in the mind? Twenty percent is in the action or activity that will get you there, but 80%...

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