Self-Control is Everything

If we want more of anything in life, we first have to control what we have. If we can’t control what we already have, how could we control any more than that? The first step in gaining control of any part of our environment is to gain control over ourselves. If we can’t control ourselves […]

The Power of Taking Small Steps Every Day

The Taoist monk Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” This principle can be transferred into any area of life if you understand the power behind this thought. Many people want more love, health, and money. Some individuals would consider theseessential to a happy life. The challenge for many […]

Creating the Life of Your Dreams

create your dream life

What would your dream life look like? Have you thought about the specifics? Where would you live? What would you be doing? What do you look like? Who are you with? What is happening in your dream life on a regular basis when you get down to the specific details. Most people can give vague […]

The Power of Gratitude

power of gratitude

The power of gratitude is amazing. Everything in life is an expression of God. We are all here for one thing: to expand God by learning and loving to our maximum. In the beginning, there was nothing but God. God had nothing to start with. There’s a mathematical equation here: God + Nothing = God […]

Taking the “Power Seat” in Your Life

What do you want in your life, more love, time, money, health, etc.? Maybe you’re not sure what you want. Well, the easiest way to find out what you want is to identify what you don’t want and the opposite will be what you want. Once you get clarity on what you want in life, […]